1. Nissan_S15

    Paul Walker Official Tribute Video - Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal

    Today they launched Paul Walker's Official Tribute Video, which was Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal studios. Really something brilliant that they have put together here, enjoy:
  2. S

    Fancy some camber?

    This is nuts!!!!! Must watch.
  3. Feast Japan

    Hard Ass Spec S

    Been following this guy on Minkara for some time now. He's running a Spec S with a N2 spec SR20DE. Circa 210PS or a bit more. Though he drifts it only, its always something special to watch being NA and all.
  4. S15AK

    Silvia Watch

    Hi guys, Board at home, so been looking for Silvia S15 bits to buy and came across this watch. Its took geeky for me so can't bring myself to buy it:o, but I did think about it lol.. looks pretty good though...
  5. Mark_D

    Driftworks S15 @ DWYB 28th March

    Just got back from Pod Drifting and thought i'd come on here and have a nosey around - Just checked the Driftworks forum and thought i'd forward a few pics on (Courtesy of of the DW S15 which did a few laps around the main track today. Brilliant day today, busiest i've seen it...
  6. EvilChap

    New owner of Nicely's car here

    Hello all :) I have moved over from 2 S14as to now own Nicely's S15. It'll be getting a serious brake upgrade, and an RB26, and some new coilovers in coming weeks :) So hello to you all! Watch the for sale section for interesting bits of car which I wont need with that work being done...
  7. mint

    Installing Coilovers

    Hey guys, Have any of you fitted coilovers to your own s15? If so how hard is it? Me mate Jay and me will be doing it tomorrow morning and just wondered if there's anything to watch out for bar snapping any OEM bolts >.<' I got the DW Setup, they look ace!
  8. D

    As some of you may remember....

    last year when this happened.... as mentioned in this thread, i went and done a little retail therapy and go myself one of these... Well, after just a couple months of...
  9. sushiming

    Fast & Furious 3 Tokyo Drift

    Right guys just wanna see hows gonna go watch this film then.... I for one will actually take time to go watch this at the pictures it does seem like a good one any comments?
  10. Yakozan

    harald200s S15 on Norweigian TV.

    here in the left menu click on "frokost-TV" and then "28.03.06". It's on one of the "Gatebil" files. I can't watch it from work, but I will watch it when I get home :)