1. I

    WTB: White S15 Spec-R

    Looking for a white S15 Spec-R. Based in South Wales but happy to travel anywhere for the right car. Cash waiting for a quick deal :)
  2. mixvariety

    WTB: Aero front bumper

    As above, looking for an OEM Aero bumper. Don't necessarily need the grilles/fogs, though I'll take them if they're part of the package! Pearl white would be ideal, but any colour will do. Cheers!
  3. C

    WTB: White Spec R

    Hi guys, as above, white Spec R wanted, milage not a great issue, just clean and rust free. Jay
  4. R

    WTB: 2000 SpecR pearl

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a 2000 Spec R in pearl white, the car should be in good contition . Thats all :)
  5. R

    WTB: S15 oem spoiler

    searching an S15 spoiler, prefer the color White! Regards, Rutger
  6. H

    White S15 Rayleigh Essex

    Saw a white Spec R in BP at Rayleigh, nice looking motor and sounded the bollocks. Pretty sure it was driven by a young lady
  7. R

    WTB: White S15 Spec R Full Aero

    Hey guys, its time to get my first S15 :whoo: I am looking for a white S15 Spec R . It should be in overall good condition, the interior doesnt has to be perfect, rust free would be neat . Standard or modded doesnt matter. No accident history is important! Mileage doesnt matter as long as the...
  8. Mycool

    White s15 in Gloucester

    I see a fellow white s15 most weeks in gloucester, parked outside the rugby ground near the mermaid chip shop, Anyones on here??? Felt so surprised when i first saw it!
  9. F

    WTB: white bootlid and spoiler

    as above , wanted both ,dont want to drill my spoilerless bootlid
  10. B

    W Plate White S15 Spotted Coffin Corner Margate

    White W plate S15 lowered with Duck Tail boot spoiler at Coffin Corner Margate heading towards Manston approx 1pm yesterday
  11. R

    S15 cardiff white

    Hey all, Been told there is a white S15 around the Cardiff area which is apparently not mine. Wondering if its anyone here. the owners been seen around the Tesco in Western Avenue on a few occassions.
  12. F

    WTB: Wanted s15 bootlid with spoiler

    Wanted as above , cash waiting , prefer white , but will concider any colour, must ge genuine
  13. F

    WTB: S15 bootlid and spoiler

    Wanted in pearl white, must be in mint condition, thanks
  14. F

    WTB: Passenger mirror in pearl white

    Must be mint , cash waiting
  15. Badger0068

    FS: Aero spoiler (with boot in pearl white) swap for Dmax or similar.

    Anyone fancy swapping boots? Mines in pearl white with an aero spoiler. Looking to swap for one in the same colour with a different spoiler. Preferably Vertex or Dmax but will consider others. May even consider a swap for a pearl white boot with no spoiler plus cash my way. In the south east...
  16. bzh kevin

    My daily pearl white

    Hi everyone! I bought my s15 last august and haven't been very active on the forum so I think it's now time for me to introduce myself and the car properly . I am Kevin, 29 years old and French (nobody is perfect) . I have owned a couple of 200sx's in the past, an s13 and an s14 and really...
  17. Judd

    FS: Rota Grid Drift. 17x9.5 et12 in white with new tyres.

    No longer for sale
  18. B

    FS: Knight racer front wings

    Sold............... ##Poorly fitting Knight Racer wings## Bought these for £100, stupidly didn't check fitment before painting and I've come to fit them and am struggling I'm sure someone could probably make them work. Freshly prepped and very well painted in pearl white £50 delivered...
  19. FreakensNL

    Searching for car history (Lady drifter)??

    Maybe a long shot, but does anybody recognize this car/driver?? (that lady is the driver btw) White specR with white TE37 rays.. Was imported around 9-2013 from the UK