1. D

    Any cool ideas for the exterior of my S15?

    Hey lads! I am considering on ''upgrading'' the exterior on my S15. I really like the way it looks right now, but to be honest I think it's actually too simple for what an amazing car this is! I want it to be even more special then it already is. There are about 22 S15's in the netherlands but...
  2. pegliobaglio

    widebody fitting cost.....

    Hey guys, as the title suggests I am seriously considering getting a full widebody kit fitted to my car,originally I was just gonna change the bumpers and skirts etc but after looking around there are some really hot widebody kits about,just wondering if anybody had a rough idea of fitting costs...
  3. S

    Need info on this aero kit please.

    I can't post attachments, and I'm at work right now, so don't have access to imageshack or anything like that. It's on the S15OC banner rotation. On the right side, there is a gray widebody 15 that looks VERY good, pretty much exactly what I want. Can anyone give me full specs on the...
  4. TriniGT

    WTB: BN Sports Widebody Kit

    I am looking for a BN Sports Widebody Kit for my S15 over here in Trinidad. Can anyone source this for me and can tell me the price of this shipped to me over here in Trinidad in the West Indies? Postal Code is TT. Let me know as soon as possible, PM me please. Jason. Just to give you an...
  5. Yakozan

    Now we've got 3 S15s in Sweden :)

    This little baby landed a while ago in Sweden making our total S15 population three now :) This is going to be a drifting car. The owner used to have a Silvia S13 which he competed with in the Swedish Drift Series SDS. Planned specs for 2007 is: Coilovers better bushings Modified steering...
  6. Yakozan

    post pics of the best S15 you know - NO CHIT CHAT - S15s ONLY!

    Thought we might do a thread with nice S15s :) choose a S15 with you think is best looking and post it :) This is the nicest S15 I've ever seen I think. Sunline racing S15 with C-west GT widebody kit :cool: It's a real beauuuty (croc-hunter accent ;) )