1. Lil SpecR

    White with ducktail m6 yesterday...

    As above on m6 yesterday crawing along up to j7/8 thanks to another crash -_- Think reg ended in NER? Couldnt quite see you were on lane 1 and i was in 4 and people kept getting in my way haha. Stickers on back window... hello anyway if you're here!
  2. mixvariety

    WTB: Driver side rear quarter window

    Hey guys, Where my S15 was painted, the rear quarter window rubbers appear to have been destroyed when removing them, so I'm after a drivers side (RH) rear quarter window with the rubbers/seals all in good shape and intact! Thanks :)
  3. S

    WTB: Side/rear window moldings left and right side

    Need these for the rear small side windows, also the rear windshield too
  4. S

    Wiper deicer

    I noticed that my wiper deicer relay appears to be missing on my S15. The ringed one in the image below.... I am assuming that this is the relay for the rear window deicer and may be the reason my rear window doesn't defrost. Can anyone confirm this?
  5. L

    Driver's side Window motor

    i think my driver's side window motor has packed in. Does anyone know if an S14a motor is the same?
  6. L

    WTB: passinger side window switch...

    need a new passenger side window switch... mine decided it doesnt want to go up anymore..... :(
  7. Mycool

    S15oc stickers?

    Hey - does anyone on here know where i can get some s15oc stickers for my window? Cheers
  8. N

    Power Window getting stuck?

    Hi guys, I've just started having a problem with my S15's passenger-side power window and wondered if anyone knew what the cause might be. The switch works fine and the window goes down no problem. However, when I try raising the window again it stops short, leaving about a 2cm gap between the...
  9. J

    WTB: bonnet

    Hi lads lookin for a oem bonnet doesn't matter about the colour. In Ireland if possible also lookin for a drivers door window switch unit. Thanks
  10. T

    Anybody have a clue what these are?!?!

    Bought my JDM S15 from Japan and still haven't seen it yet. I just noticed something in the photos that I didn't notice before. Does anybody know what the two things mounted at the top of the rear window are?? I don't think I've seen anything like them here in Canada before. Any info would...
  11. W

    WTB: S15 Driver Door Rubber Strip

    Anyone know where I can get the rubber strip thingy that wraps around the drivers window? Sent from my XT1052 using Tapatalk
  12. N

    Stange Trans grind and electrical Q's

    Right after start up when the clutch is down I shift into gear and give it gas then I hear a slight grind noise, in both 1st and reverse. this is only after the first shift into gear before i start moving. when I'm driving there is no grinds and no problems getting into gear, the clutch has lots...
  13. C

    Need Help With My Power Window Motor!!!!

    Can anyone help me on how to replace the power window motor???
  14. Benne

    Windscreen and rear window mouldings available in the UK?

    I´m looking for the part no. 72752-85F00 and 79752-85F00. Is there maybe a specialized Nissan Dealer or some tuningshop which offers those window mouldings in the UK. FR Sport would need 6-8 weeks :( Will ask RHD Japan today, too. thanks! Benne
  15. J

    window trim

    Hi lads I am going for a full respray and am getting the Windows taken out for it I was just wondering can new trim and window rubbers be got for the s15 just in the event something happens it. Thanks
  16. Parky

    Rear window seal buggered?

    It seems like the rear window is trying to pop out from the seal Along the top edge, I can just see the edge of the glass. I've tried levering the seal back up onto it but it keeps on popping back off. Has anyone run into this problem before or have any ideas to sort it out? Don't want water to...
  17. John-

    First problem!

    Cutting a long story short, my windows keep not working, blowing fuses every time. I have found that engaging reverse blows the fuse. Another interesting thing is that the drivers side window is still working with the fuse pulled where as before it didn't, and only the drivers side window works...


    Anyone with a 2001 S15 can I have your reg plate number as my window has cracked and need a replacement but don't have regeneration yet! Help me!!
  19. R

    WTB: Front passenger window glass

    As title long shot I know Contact me on 07817028470 Thanks
  20. S

    WTB: Drivers side switch holder

    I'm not sure the exact name of the part is called, but its the long plastic piece that holds the window switches and the mirror switches. If you have a spare, please let me know.