1. Sryan2525

    Window motor swap

    Hey guys, i took my window motor out today to find that the brushes are f****cked. Even if I found new ones to fit, one of the arms to hold it is half missing! After some searching I found one that would work but not with the auto function. Instead I noticed that 350z motors look almost...
  2. M

    WTB: WANTED! Rear, Front & Both Quarter Windows

    Hi, I'm looking to replace all my windows as they are badly scratched. (I paid a company to respray it and they used a scraper on my windows!!!) It's really hard to find any spares in this country, so if anyone has any spare windows or knows someone, please drop me a message as the scratches...
  3. S

    WTB: Side/rear window moldings left and right side

    Need these for the rear small side windows, also the rear windshield too
  4. Jaydej

    WAX on Plastics :S

    Hey guys the other day I polished and waxed my car and even with tape managed to get some on the plastics around the windows anyone got any tips on how to remove it?
  5. D

    Full respray question regarding all windows

    Hi Guys, Maybe i should have search first, but really didn't know were to start. Sinds i've planned to give my baby a full respray end of this year, i wanted to ask you guys, what about all the windows? When she getting a new color cover, i would like to get out all of the windows, front, end...
  6. hoodooyoudo

    taking stock

    my new silvia. almost stock, but for autech style-a tail lights. second owner - 16,800kms on the clock. short-term todo; - new tyres - reinstall audio / upgrade audio - tint windows 50% long-term? who knows. I'd probably like to buy it some new shoes..
  7. J

    plastic windows ???

    hi guys just wanted to know if any one knows where i can get plastic windows for my s15 any info would be geate
  8. M

    FS: 2007 Ford Fiesta on behalf of a friend

    Hi folks, this is a very close friends car, selling as he wants to get a Civic Type R I cannot say enough how much this car is looked after, I have to say I dont think i have ever seen it dirty! He washes and polishes it on a more than regular occasion and the iv never found anything lying...
  9. K

    WTB: Windshield and windows required!!!

    Hello Everybody, I'm looking for a whindshield including frames, rear side windows including frames and the frame of the rear window. Can somebody offer this spare parts? Thank you!
  10. B

    WTB: wind shields

    wanted.. when i got the car didnt have them on the windows..
  11. R

    WTB: wanted s15 front windows

    goen for test so i might need the front windows if they fail us on the tints. so just want some windows linned up if i need to do a swap:|
  12. B

    White or silver S15?

    I am about to sell my black 180sx type X and purchase a S15 spec R gt. I have two cars imported from japan, one of which is white and the other silver. I was thinking the white would have black wheels and dark black tinted windows, while i have not decided on what could be done to the silver...
  13. R

    Installing/Removing front windows

    Anyone done this before? Is it pretty straight forward or is there anything tricky I need to know? Done it on other cars before, not sure if they're all the same. I got defected and am going to swap out my front windows with someone else as my tints are pretty dark.
  14. E

    Removal of rear quarter windows?

    I have read Pablos post on removing the rear quarter windows. I was just wondering has anyone else removed these for painting etc? Can you actually get them out without breaking clips etc, and if you do break clips etc can you buy a kit to replace? Or are they within the window itself? (so...
  15. T

    FS: 2002 S15 for sale

    £10500ono, 60k miles, metalic blue, lightly modified twin plate clutch, hks induction, hks exhaust, hks boost controller, tinted rear windows. usual standard PAS, electric windows etc. CAT 1 alarm, immobiliser, tracker RCL. 1 years MOT. Great condition, Runs brilliantly and it's been well looked...
  16. Yakozan

    Video: S15 on rollers with S15oc stickers on? Just spotted this. Is that S15oc stickers on the rear quarter windows? Anyone here :)
  17. kimi

    Help needed Windows stopped working

    Can anybody help me on this one? my electric windows both sides have stopped working :cry: we went out last weekend and they were playing up intermitently. today they have both stopped working altogether, my passenger is stuck closed my drivers is half open [ its ok as its in the garage ]...