1. sushiming

    Any plans over winter??

    whats plans have ppl got for over the winter for the S15??? any big mods or just keeping it in the garage? untill i find myself a good roundabout i will be using my throughout winter and trying not to trash it hahaha cleaning mines gonna be like a b!tch
  2. C

    Hello from Sweden - S15 Newbie.

    Hello! My name is Richard Clark i'm 18 year's old located in Link?ping - Sweden. Been thinking of buying a S15 after this Winter, friend of Yakozan and really like his ride. So if you've got some tip's about s15, what I should look for when i'm buying one and maybe if you can recomend diffrent...
  3. A

    Some pics from Nismo meeting in Moscow

    The place of meeting my silvia and skyline 34 Nissan Silvia S14 Z-Edition Winter DRIFT :D Some incident, rear bumper of Primera GT Technical support for the winter DRIFT :thumbs: After DRIFT :D