1. TimmyT

    Fusebox Loom R/LAMP relay

    Hi! I have 2 fuseboxes here. They are identical except the R/LAMP relay. One has a Wire (green with a red line) that goes from the relay into the 15A fuse. The other One has 2 of these Wire where 1 go to relay and 1 to the 15A fuse seperated. Someone knows whats the diffeence here is? Thanks
  2. A

    Urgent help pls!!!!!

    So the earth on the coil pack wire harness came off when I was trying to get to the bolt to undo it. I have a new harness to put in. Can someone please tell me where I can put the earth elsewhere? Can I use either of these? or the bracket on the firewall?
  3. A

    Coil pack wire harness + exhaust manifold shield removal

    noob questions! So I decided to buy a new harness to go with my new coil packs...why not, its old as f**k. It looked simple to do but I see the earth wire disappears round the back of the engine, under the cowl & I cant see where it goes or how I would get a spanner in there. Anyone tell me...
  4. FreakensNL

    Ecu function white/purple wire

    What does the ecu use the speed signal for? I installed a nismo cluster but still have the 180-190 km speed cut :( if I cut the white/purple wire the ecu doesn't know the speed right and i can go 280?? What does the ecu do with the speed signal?
  5. JDM_virgin

    signal booster issues

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Deluxe-Inline-Car-Antenna-Radio-AM-FM-Signal-Amp-Amplifier-Booster-UK-Ship-/171454368175?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item27eb7a09af This is what i bought to try and get FM signal to my stereo. Its a Kenwood head unit and I'm using the nissan micra adapter to plug it...
  6. NICKO

    ecu pin out help

    im wiring in the power fc D jetro and the wire for the intake temp has to go to a location in the ecu plug that has no pin. my plan is to find the pin for the maf sensor, cut it and leave a length of wire on it then use that pin and solder the intake temp wire to that but here is my problem...
  7. S

    ECU power issues

    I'm having fun and games with intermittent lack of power to my Apexi Power FC. It's something to do with the main loom that goes through the firewall on the passenger side but I've not managed to figure out exactly where. However I have noticed that if I wiggle that circled black wire with the...
  8. E

    S15 not starting&rubbed arch loom

    My s15 would not start the past few days but I had convinced myself it was my immobiliser I don't know why..Anyways just now I checked my loom running overhead my front wheel and it has been rubbed and a blue/red single wire exposed (wire isn't broken but no insulation in one area.would this be...
  9. Hairy Fish Nipples

    Fixed Sat Nav and Audio.

    Hi Ladies and Gents, I am just wanting to replace my head unit with a fixed Sat Nav/Audio system. I was looking at the below from Car Audio Centre: Kenwood DNX-4250BT 6.1" touch screen AV navigation unit with built in bluetooth The reason for this choice is because i need an Android...
  10. 2fst4u

    Well, crap

    This is such a hard piece of hardware to describe but here goes: Firstly, I have gtr32 front brakes. So, yes, this would possibly be better placed in a skyline forum but Meh. On the front brakes there are two pins to hold the pads in. To hold those pins in place there is a piece of...
  11. A

    How to rewire 12v socket?

    I like to use my 12v socket for my air compressor but the wiring is not there... anyone give me advice on how to rewire it up? Theres 1 red wire going to it (illumination?) but 2 empty terminals, I can see 1 wire which seems to be being used for something else (guessing the gauges or boost...
  12. A

    What is this?

    The wire coming from the sump plug? I undid the plug with a spanner & now the wire is fkd. Could it be for this gauge? the battery is also flat now. :cry:
  13. Ghost

    Extra wire

    After swapping out the engine in a friends s14 we had a wire left with this box at one end. Anyone know where it goes?
  14. spoonman

    JDM ecu pin out differences

    Im having trouble trying to wire up a fan controller to the factory harness. Has anyone else come across this? On the ADM harness pin 10 is the Cooling Fan Relay HIGH and is Blue/Green (L/G) in colour, problem being that I have a JDM and there is no wire going to hole 10 in the harness. In...
  15. S

    S15 banzai feature June 2013

    Has anyone seen this? Wondered what people's opinions were, especially when I read it was the Mona Lisa from Tokyo Drift!! Makes me wanna wire tuck my bay so badly, possibly the best s15 I've seen.. Any thoughts? Bit disappointed with the air suspension.
  16. J

    AMP/SUB wiring help!!

    Hey guys Just recently got my S15 here in tokyo and im having issues with my amp turning on at all. So far everything looks wired up correctly and the only thing i can think of that can be wrong would be the Remote Wire behind the deck. Currently hooked up on the BLUE/WHITE wire. Is that the...
  17. Jordan

    FS: Blitz duel turbo timer and Brand new SR20 manifold gasket

    Ordered a brand new sr20DET manifold gasket from Nissan and didn't end up fitting it as mine was in excellent condition. Still in packaging. £30 delivered. Next up is a Blitz duel turbo timer: Took this off my car as I simply never use it. Comes with the extra wiring loom so you can just plug...
  18. J

    WTB: front bumper bumper retaining bracket.

    anyone got one :) and a bonnet catch with the wire and handle :)
  19. R

    car stereo

    hey all been installing a new headunit, but few problems, 1st my radio receives no stations, its connected to the car arial cable but i have read its got a built in tuner, so do i not need it connected to the car? secondly it has tv function but again recieving no stations, i currently have...
  20. Z

    Greddy Turbotimer - Speedsignal

    Hi guys, i have installed the Greddy Turbotimer, but i don't know where i can gat the speedsignal. (Somewhere from the speedo ?!) I place the wire from the TT to the speedo and don't know with wich wire i have to connect it on the speedo. Need your Help. Thanks