1. JDM_virgin


    i have a sneaky suspicion my car is over fueling or something else is a miss but how can i accurately tell? I have a serious amount of black soot/**** on my rear bumper to the point that I'm having to polish it every 100 or so miles of driving. It was bad when I had the CAT but now its a lot...
  2. N80Jamie

    Ohlins coilover help

    Attempted to lower the set of Ohlins coilovers i have on the S15 today and was thrown by the way they're designed compared to the rest i've seen. Are these non adjustable height wise? If not, how do you go about doing it?
  3. LeeSpecR

    FS: Blitz nur spec rx for sale px/swap for hks hi power car back.

    Blitz nur spec rx for sale px/swap for hks hi power cat back. Hi all, him looking for a different look exhaust wise so this is up for sale or swap/px. its like new done little mileage and as many of you know Darren who owned the car before me was a perfectionist so it's mint. the exhaust...
  4. A

    s15 Rear Overfenders, what style is best (im looking for a particualr kind also )

    Rightio so im looking at adding Overfenders to the s15, problem is im having a hard time finding a style of over fender i like, im not keen on the usual d-max overs, i think they look horrible and just push the rear out and look very bubbly, (don't know whose the cars is but will remove if...
  5. Burnsy


    ..right need some advice please new to the world of nissan, i would like to know what rough figures the sr20det with stock internals can take safely. currently @ 325bhp 350lb ft understand that is the gearbox limit torque wise my gearbox is whining and i want it sorted, i know most go on for...
  6. justin666

    FS: Blitz Nur Spec s15 cat back and bung

    Hiya, Selling my nur spec exhaust from my s15 spec r. Sole reasoning for this is cause i must be gettin old and decided that as the car is my daily drive, i really fancy the quiet life again!!! Had the Nur Spec on the car for probably 2 years or so and its still in blooody good nick to be...
  7. crazymat666

    going to decat the s15

    so as the tittle says im going to decat my s15.ino the MOT may be a pain but il get it changed over before hand so it doesnt bother me :). but mainly all i want to know is performance wise will it better and what can i expect as this is the first car ive ever had a decat on.
  8. slammedmind

    WTB: yashiro or wise square rear lights

    looking for rear lights from either yashiro factory or wise square must be in perfect condition, what have you got?
  9. S

    Wise Square on Yellow...

    I tried and tried to find Wise Square light on Yellow S15 but none came up... Has anyone got one? I'm talking about Wise Square LED like the one on Nicely's. Not black inner, not chrome but dark gunmetal/dark chrome type.
  10. I

    What are s15 spec s's like service wise?

    Just wondering the sort of cost involved in maintaining one, engine wise they share the same sr20de as the s14? Anyone know good part supplier in the UK?
  11. H

    s15 info

    i'm looking to import an s15 and was wondering if there is any difference in the different models handling and chassis wise
  12. W

    Wise Square kit, anyone have it?

    D1 GP Looks amazing. How much did you pay?
  13. D

    wise square kit

    i know wise square have sold up but i know someone is still making the kits, any ideas on who to contact to get hold of it as my japenese is crap:cry: tryed two bodyshops already but noone can seem to find out where to get them
  14. P

    WTB: Wise Square rear lights

    as topic title says, where can I buy these lights?
  15. D

    FS: Wise S15

    Wise S15 is for sale, it is MY99 Tacho show 80.000km New engine/turbo installed in November 2005 just before Silverstone D1 Exhibition Match, installed and mapped by OkaChan/Yashio Factory. Engine/Turbo now running around 1500km (800km brake in, 700km of track driving / drifting). Engine...