1. S

    FS: Power fc with hand controller, z32 maf, innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale

    Hi as per title s15's sr20det apexi power fc for sale. Taken out from 2000 - 2007 kazama motorsports demo pink silvia s15 so it's basically tuned how do I know because it's above 1 bar but with right maf sensor and injectors. Z32 maf also comes from same car. Innovative lm1 and lm2 for sale to...
  2. S

    Z32 maf

    Hey guys, recently bought a s15 with some decent mods, but it seems like the previous owner didn't know half of whats actually on the car. I found it has full Cusco coilovers all around, tein torsion bars. The latest thing i found is that it has a z32 MAF, correct me if im wrong but the car...
  3. FreakensNL

    FS: Cluster + Z32 MAF

    He all, Selling some parts i don't need.. S15 stock cluster with 131.720km perfect working order 100 pounds And a stock Z32 MAF with connector, ready to go in... 100 pounds (Sold)
  4. FreakensNL

    Z32 AFM advantage on stock injectors?

    He guy's, I've got a pretty stock spec-R and am going for a tune next month, got the following basic upgrades: 3" turbo-back FMIC Boostcontroller Fuel pump, plugs, splitfire coils, RAS, BOV, etc. Stock (480cc) injectors Now the big question; Will a Z32 AFM do anything for this setup?? I was...
  5. H

    strut braces

    anyone know of a front brace that will clear a Z32 BMC?
  6. L

    WTB: Z32 rear hub backing plates

    Hi, I've just bought a z32 brake setup bit it's missing the backing plates what all the handbrake mech fixes to. Anyone got anything? Leo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 2

    FS: Z32 AFMs x2 and rb26 afms x2

    Bosch Z32 AFMs in box x2 $200 each only on car for 1000km before going MAP sensor. and rb26 afms x2 $110 each. Located Newcastle NSW and will post. 0432906186 R33 GTR driveshaft, gearbox and rear CV shafts available also.
  8. Larsz

    WTB: Z32 bm50 bmc rhd

    Per title, I am looking for a Z32 BMC, preferably the BM50. The ABS model and reasonably condition. Got one laying around (probably not) message me please!
  9. W

    FS: Z32 afm

    Genuine nissan Z32 afm in perfect condition £ 100 posted
  10. dave_t

    BM57 (Z32) Master Cylinder Rebuild?

    Last year i upgraded my whole braking system - up front i went with K-Sport 8-Pot 330mm, and at the rear i fitted the Z32 Rear Brake conversion. To make use of the extra braking power, i upgraded the OEM master cylinder, to the Z32 BM57. Now over the last few weeks, i have noticed a...
  11. K

    FS: Apexi FC, Blitz Boost controler, Nismo 555cc injectors, Z32 MAF

    Apexi FC, Blitz SBC Boost controler, Nismo 555cc injectors, Z32 MAF Apexi FC with controller. £500 Blitz boost controller with dual Solenoid Boos Valve. £380 http://www.blitz-uk.co.uk/ProductItem-2813.aspx Nismo 555cc Injectors. £320 Z32 MAF. £85 Or buy everything for £1100...
  12. Parky

    WTB: Wanted: Everything to connect Z32 AFM to Turbo (bottom mount)

    As title, after hardpipe, reducers, joiners, whatever else is needed to connect a Z32 AFM to the turbo. A complete Apex stainless kit would be ideal. Let me know what you have!
  13. S

    WTB: stage 3 bits

    GT2871r 550cc+ injectors Z32 maf Power FC or Nistune board
  14. A

    Z32 fuel filter

    I bought a Z32 fuel filter as in the useful info thread, its a lot bigger than the original filter... why is it so different & does this thing go in ok?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sytec-Fuel-Filter-8mm-In-Out-Mann-WK56-SSF3040-/290919152282
  15. K

    FS: Blitz dump kit, Nismo 555cc, voltex trunk lip, z32 MAF.

    I have some parts that I'm not going to use. Brand new deep metal blitz VD dump valve kit for s14/15 opened and checked never used. £250 4x Nismo 555cc injectors used one season. £440 Z32 maf used. £80 Genuine voltex trunk lip for S15 unpainted. £150 All prices are ex p&p. I can send...
  16. K

    WTB: z32 afm and sr20 rocker stoppers

    Hi guys and girls, I'm looking for a good working z32 afm with pigtail and a filter if possible.. also looking for some sr20 rocker stoppers cheers kev
  17. 8

    FS: nissan twin turbo z32 oem afm with plug .,,good for power 350hp and up

    if your intrested pm me or e-mail me at atypex@aol.com trades am looking for s14 zenki headlights s14a oem skirts i have Nissan z32 oem afm with plug in good working condition £90 deliver tomei,oem z32 afm plug with the metal clip £30 deliver oem nissan z32 afm with...
  18. tooley

    FS: S15 OEM spoiler in blue and C-west front bumper / Grooved Brakes Dics New

    Taking up needed space! Cwest bumper. Needs the repairs finished £50 collected Was sorting through my box of bits and totally forgot it had these!! They were for my S15 but now i have Z32 upgrade and i never actually fitted them. There is some surface rust on the discs from condensation...
  19. pegliobaglio

    FS: Z32 maf and tomei pig tail

    I have for sale a z32 maf with a brand new tomei pig tail. Bought this of james15 for mine but am going map sensor now. He bought this new from garage d and only used it for 3 months before changing his set up so is in very good condition Looking to get back what I paid for it £120 delivered in uk
  20. Krish

    WTB: Z32 BMC lid and plug

    As above guys! Or if anyone knows where I can get them? Cheers