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Hey everybody I'm here to help and learn cause a person can think they know just about everything but still can learn. I am into car audio and electronic repair. I have an E-bay store where I sell car amps and I also repair car amps. I have people send me amps from all over the US. My prices are the lowest than anybody. I'm just trying to help fellow car enthusists who don't have the cash to spend to buy a nice amp or get one repaired. If anyone ever needs any help or repairs just let me know and I will help you to the fullest. I am in Florida. If you need to contact me you can through this site, I'm here for everybody. I have 2 degrees in electronics, one for an electronics technician an one for an egineer, that means I design circuits for anything I desire electronic. Happy to be here. Just let me know if you need anything or help. I have a full fulcility and equipment. I also am a judge and decibal races sometimes. Have a good one everybody.:wave:
16 December 2008
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Tacoma, WA, USA
welcome to the club! i'm sure your car audio knowledge will be of great use on here. so do you own a s15 or any other 's' chassis car?