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My Blue Beauty

3 July 2021
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Osaka, Japan
So a bit about me and finally purchasing a S15 spec R. So I’m 40 years old and living in Osaka Japan, As many people my age Ive had many different performance cars over the years from mustangs, skylines and sti’s and used to circuit race a s203 sti. Ive always admired the S15, and I even had a 97 s14 kouki when I was 23. So when the pandemic struck I decided I’m going to go buy a S15 spec R, because it was a car I always loved. So thats how it started.

When searching for one I tried to find one with not to many modifications, and if it does have to make sure its only minor bolt ons and in good taste. So I found a 2002 blue spec R for a decent price on this current market. It has vertex body kit, spoiler delete, blitz fmic, unsure of the exhaust brand but 3” in cat back with silencer, 17” alloy wheels unsure of brand, I replaced the headlights and taillights, and has a K&N short ram air intake. Swapped the stock suspension out for some D-MAX super Street coil overs. Of course all new fluids, rebuilt the calipers, rotors, pads I replaced the steering wheel which was a Momo drifting style and installed a stock one back along with the shift knob. I prefer the OEM S15 styling with the lighting bolts.

My next step is to replace the old bushings and possibly the stock links with Nismo ones, next step will be the clutch, LSD, of course injectors, fuel pump, and new coilpacks. Attaching a few pics that have currently on hand. Ill make sure to take better ones in the near future. Not looking to go over 300bhp want to keep it for the street and for nice weekend drives.