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FS: Pair of drifty 16" steel wheels



**Please PM me on driftworks if possible as I often forget to visit here, DW-jamespa28**

As per title, not much to say really. 6.5J x 16" black steel wheels, so same size as standard SX alloys. Perfect for use on SX's etc. However the centre bore is marginally too small as the wheels originally came off a Honda HRV...BUT, Fear not, I am supplying a pair of 5mm spacers to fix this issue!!!

One lip painted silver, the other fluorescent pink

Offset I expect is something shocking like +1,000,000 - These are for practise not lairy JDM tyte looku

Package includes pair of wheels, pair of spacers and also the two almost F**ked tyres still fitted to the wheels.

Tyres are far from road legal, some tread not even visible, I dont feel it's worth my time paying for them to be removed if I have nothing else to put on them.

I've used them twice, and don't need them anymore. - Only suitable for rear use as will not clear front calipers!

?30 - no offers - collection from Cheltenham only!