1. J

    10mm Wheel Spacers?

    I'll keep this short and sweet. I cannot for the life of me find 10mm hubcentric spacers with the correct centre bore. I can find 15mm on driftworks but no 10s. Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction?Cheers,J.a.c.k
  2. G

    FS: Geomasters // 5 stud hubs // 5x1 Skyline shafts // Offset Rack Spacers

    Selling a full set of sbody Geos with 5 stud hubs on them ready to fit to your car. Also have some 5x1 Skyline driveshafts and a pair of offset rack spacers. Geos with Hubs: £650 Shafts: £130 Rack Spacers: £60 Can do Geos with hubs and shafts for £700 or the lot for £750. I'm on...
  3. S

    FS: XXR 527 alloys 114.3x5

    3 in perfect condition and 1 has slight chip (see pic) they have been refurbished. all tyres are legal with good thread 235/40/18 and 225/40/18 £500 also have i pair of 25mm bolt on spacers £100
  4. FreakensNL

    WTB: [S15] Studs & Spacers 8mm for Ohlins and Volks

    I have Ohlins and Volks :cool: with 5mm spacers but they just touch the spring so need a bit more clearance... first off: I hate spacers but what can you do I'm thinking of going for 8mm once to be on the safe side saw these: but they don...
  5. R

    Rota Force

    Not see many S15's with these on but I'm hopeing someone here might as I want a flush fit preferably without needing spacers. 9x18 - ET30 all around with 235/35. Anyone got these fitted?
  6. sparks

    FS: S15 parts for sale!

    New horsham developments manifold. SOLD!!! New horsham developments turbo hose 3 set stainless. SOLD!!! New HEL brake hoses set SOLD !!! Nissan coolant premix £25 japspeed decat used in good condition £50 Ultralite 25mm wheel spacers used in good condition £100 can be split in to pairs for £55...
  7. Jaydej

    Xxr wheels

    There is a promotion on sxoc and I want to get 18x8.75 fronts and 18x9.75 rear what ET would I need to get a fitment where I don't need any spacers anyone help?
  8. R

    Extended Wheel Studs + Spacers - Recommended Brands?

    Hiya folks, Needing a set of extended wheel studs from my fronts as my front wheels are held on by three turns, a whole lot of torque and some fervent praying. Also need a set of 25mm spacers to clear my coils. Was curious if anyone had any recommended brands for studs + spacers? Can get them...
  9. K

    WTB: wanted urgently... Sr20det fuel rail spacers

    Hi guys, i've just went to fit my 740cc injectors and 2 of the fuel rail spacers are missing. So am looking for a new set and can not find them anywhere :( if anyone can help me, id be seriously grateful thanks kev
  10. sparks

    FS: Works emotion wheels

    I have 4 works emotion wheels for sale in good condition could maybe do with a re-paint. No weld or buckles. The two fronts have tyres falken fk452 80% left on tyres. Fronts wheels are 18x7.5 et35 rear is 18x8.5 et 38. Also have 4no ultralite spacers for sale really good condition have all...
  11. JDM_virgin

    Spacers Thoughts on these? want to add so 'Girth' to the 15 so thought Id go with these
  12. S

    FS: 18" bronze Work Emotion CR KAI

    I have a set of bronze Work Emotion CR KAI 18x8.5 et 37 18x9.5 et 38 2 of the wheels are ok with a few marks but 2 will need refurbing due to kerb rash!! no cracks or dents, blue valves fitted. £600 delivered i can give some 5mm spacers with these if needed which makes the front et32...
  13. dave_t


    After a pair of 15mm bolt on spacers OR SLIP ON spacers actually, as i do have some extended studs i could fit. They are for the front on the S15 as my 10j's are fouling the coilovers. hit me a pm if you have some -David
  14. O

    Making wheels flush...

    I have some rims i got and need to make them flush. Does anyone know what size spacers i need to bring them out. Im running stock suspension and the rims are 17 x 8j in the front and 18 x 9j in the rear, all with 0 offset. They came off a R33 skyline. I havent rolled my fenders yet but hope to...
  15. J


    As I want a bit of poke with the wheels being out from the car, does it matter what spacers I put on the hubs? Arches will be rolled, wheels are 18x9.5 et25 fronts and 18x10 et35 rears, ive been advised that id need 10mm spacers all round (fronts to clear coilovers, rears just to match) could i...
  16. I

    FS: GT2871R, H-dev manifold, Greddy Profec B spec 2, A'pexi air filter, ARP head studs

    H-dev stainless steel exhaust manifold Great condition, never cracked or any problems with it, done around 13k with it. Price: £80 + £30 pair of H&R 20mm slip on spacers Just the spacers without the longer bolts, good condition, removed as i don't need them anymore. One has marks of a...
  17. dave_t

    WTB: 15mm Bolt On Spacers - Nissan 5x114.3

    After a PAIR of 15mm 5x114.3 bolt on spacers for the rear of my S15 Silvia Hit me up if you have a pair :wave:
  18. M

    10mm hub centric spacers

    hey all. i need a set of 10mm hub centric wheel spacers for my s15, any one know where is best to get them from (cant see them in dw shop) and do i need longer studs for 10mm and how easy or hard are the studs to change. thanks matty
  19. pegliobaglio

    FS: spacers and air vents

    Hi guys, Have a pair 15mm hubcentric bolt on spacers come off my car,like new. Come with all the nuts etc needed to fit them £55 posted in the uk Have 2 dash air vents on ebay now
  20. sliding-r

    FS: H+R 20mm Hubcentric Spacers

    Now come with relevant studs to fit them up for grabs spacers as above, These are Slip ons! 66.1mm centre bore 5x114.3 £65 Delivered These are the best spacers on market and fit perfectly flat to keep your wheels true and straight unlike cheaper versions. Have seen these sell for more on here...