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The Fast Show - S15 Owners Club Show Stand. Lets Make This Happen!!!

11 December 2012
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Hey everyone,

Santa pod is hosting the Fast Show on Sunday the 17th of March and a few of us on here would like to set up a show stand for the S15 Owners Club.

To do this we require 10 people minimum with cars to go on the stand. So far we have around 5, so half way there.

All we need to do now is convince around 4 more people to attend and then we can book our club a show stand.

So please, if you can attend we need you, to make this happen!

Let me know asap, so that I can book as a group.

Tickets are £17 so I will need to ask each attendee to pay for there tickets. I can either book us in via a group if your ok with transferring ticket fees to my PayPal (I am a respectable ebayer, so I'm not trying to run off with anyones money for peace of mind). But if your not comfortable with that, I can see if we can each pay individually over the phone.

If we are definitely doing this please confirm your attendance (Name and email, so I can confirm your booking and send you a ticket)again in this post within the next 2 weeks and the method in which you wish to pay for your ticket.

Deadline to make this happen is Friday 8th of March!!!

Thanks again guys and any queries, you can email me at: killzone22@hotmail.co.uk