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Your car's odometer history for half-prize


1 December 2012
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Dear Forum Members,

Unfortunately it is a fact that a lot of imported Japanese vehicles sold in car yards do not have the correct odometer reading. Winding back odometers (“clocking”) is widespread in grey imports.

This issue can be addressed as we offer a service for current and prospective owners of Japanese imports:

We can provide you with an official registration document with certified odometer readings from the Japanese Bureau of Traffic.

This watermarked document states the odometer reading of your vehicle at the time of the last two registrations. You simply provide us with the VIN number and we will retrieve and send the document to you.

In Japan, cars have to be registered every two years. Part of the inspection is an odometer check and the odometer reading is recorded together with the owner details.

Here is an example of a Mazda RX7

and this is the translation we do for you

These documents have helped customers re-negotiating prices, getting refunds or simply plan the focus of the next service.

You can order pre-purchase checks, where a speedy processing is needed as you are looking at buying a vehicle. You simply provide us with the VIN number and we will retrieve and send the document to you. Additional to the hard copy by airmail we will send you a PDF via email within 5 working days from date of purchase.

The pre-purchase check is normally £59 (including postage, handling and translation), we will offer this check to forum members for the next five days (ending Tuesday, February 26) for only £29.

To take advantage of this offer, please pay £29 directly by Paypal to japaneseodometercheck@gmail.com. In your Paypal account, choose "send money", then simply put our email-address in the "to" field.

Do not forget let us know the make/model/year and VIN!

Please also check our feedback on ebay...

Our customers are 100% happy with this service, many Elgrand owners/buyers, among them Piaggio a moderator on the Australian Elgrand forum as you can see in the following threads:



Best Regards