1. E

    Hi from Birmingham

    Hi all I'm Emmanuel I recently bought a s15 relatively fresh to UK soil only being imported last December. It's really clean and pretty stock apart from the wheels and nismo suspension. I plan to improve braking abit, see how she handles on the nismo suspension and get abit more power out of it...
  2. L

    Air vent ring colour??

    Hi guys, I'm after the colour of this if anybody knows it? I've had to take a Dremel to it to fit a gauge tidy and took abit of the paint off [emoji17] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Jaydej

    Quicker then it should be?

    I was traveling down a motorway near my home and a 64 plate golf R was next to me. We all know what you do and the golf driver had the same Intentions as we both had to slow to 50 for a speed camera. And the golf could not pull on my I stayed ahead and pulling slowly. so I did abit of didnt I...
  4. Jaydej

    Lightened pulleys

    Hey guys I'm going to be changing my belts soon and was looking at maybe changing the pulleys to lighter ones at the same time. what are your thoughts on them? Isit just abit of engine pay "BLING" or do you see gains from it?
  5. S15_SAM

    Found a great web page for explaining Oil viscosity etc.

    As above, this page explains it in fairly plain English. http://wiki.seloc.org/a/Oil_Labelling_Explained its abit geeky but I'm fascinated by oil! It's nice to know why it's so expensive!
  6. C

    FS: Enkie rpf1 for swap or sale. Perfect s15 fitment.

    Fancy some different rims for my 15 so I'm sticking them up, ideally want to swaps, px's but offers around 1100, but I will have to find new rims first. The rims are 18x9 et30 ish falken 452 225/35/18 and 18x9.5 et30ish khumo 255/35/18. idealy I'm after rims in the same size at the front and...
  7. R

    Bov placement

    hi all, im abit miffed as to where the bov would go, iv seen multiple videos with it placed in various locations, so where is best? thanks
  8. J

    FS: s15 wiring loom (i think)

    hi, got this when i brought the car. i dont really have any use for it. i think its for a s15 please tell if its not though. i know these are worth abit from nissan, so any offers on this if its any use to anyone? thanks
  9. crazymat666

    carbon bonnet is abit dull :(

    i got a carbon bonnet but needs relaquering but is there anything i can for the mean time to living it up abit as japfest is this weekend and wouldnt mind showing it off a little:cool:
  10. natune

    Axle Stands and jacking points

    hey everyone :D this is probally abit of a lame one, but im planning on fitting my new sparkly brakes at the weekend (pics will follow :cool:).. so i was going to get 2 axle stands to keep the front up to whilst i do it. but my simple question is, where do i put the axle stands, and where do i...
  11. S

    mods for s15 and places to service

    i am really interested in the full trial body kit anyone know where i could get one for a good price and would also like to get the clear led rear cluster lights and also a gt carbon wing. if any one knows of any traders recommended? any suggestions on a good exhaust aswell interested in the...
  12. S

    not a S15 but still a nissan :)

    greetings i know it might not be an S15 but its still a nissan but it is still SR20 powered this is my 180SX and my R32 GTR the 180sx is still street registered but its gone abit out of control and is abit spastic on the road the R32 GTR i only just bought its still waiting for rego for...
  13. C

    brake fluid

    i've just found out that UK don't make DOT 3 brake oil which is the standard spec for s15. My fluids are running low at the moment and i just want to top it up to use for a few weeks. Is it possible to mix abit of DOT 4 in there, which was told but halfords but the lid said something else. thanks