1. G

    WTB: front and rear anti roll bars

    as above. i'm after front and read anti roll bars but also need the U brackets that bolt to the chassis. or if someone just has the U brackets then i can buy some aftermarket bars then that will be good. for some reason my 15 didnt have any on when imported. thanks
  2. D

    WTB: Rear anti roll bar and complete SR20DE wiring loom

    Hi, I am looking for a rear Apex Performance anti roll bar, preferably with droplinks. And I am looking for a SR20DE uncut wiring loom with abs and a/c. Let me know if you got something for me. ;)
  3. R-Spec

    FS: S15 Ultra Racing Anti Roll Bar front (29mm) NEW

    Hi Guys, I'm selling this Front Anti Roll Bar. I bought a pair but only needed the rear so this is brand spanking new These RRP new for over £250.. check it out...
  4. R-Spec

    Anti roll bar thickness of different makes

    Hello, sorry didn't search very well as I'm sure its been covered but: 1. What are the standard front and rear anti roll bar (aka thickness's / size) diameter in mm please? 2. What are whiteline 3. and any other makes? 4. Are S15 the same as S14?
  5. N80Jamie

    Identifying Parts

    Got the S15 up on the ramps for the first time tonight and spotted some extra chassis/ suspension parts i didnt know i had. I'm unsure on what each part is as im not really clued up on all this! If someone could let me know from these crap pictures (sorry!) what they are, that would be great...
  6. T

    Anti roll bars

    Hi guys, I am in pretty desperate need for some uprated anti roll bars for my s15. I just want to know if s14 and s15 are the same, so for instance i can order a whiteline or godspeed s14 arb and it will fit my s15. Next thing i need to know is there anywhere that stocks arb's? I dont mind...
  7. pegliobaglio

    Flushing water system ??

    Right chaps , Quick question maybe a silly one. I want to change my anti freeze, now I have never done this before I have drained the rad etc before but there is always water/ anti freeze mix left in he header bottle... Now I doubt it would cause much of a problem having 2 different types of...
  8. C

    WTB: anti roll bar

    I want to find out where i can get some aftermarket anti roll bars?? thanks
  9. sushiming

    Anti Roll bars white ones??

    hey guys I wanna get some anti roll bars but duno which ones are good for the price... I think I remember nicely got the whiteline much do they cost?? do they come with al fittings?? do S14 ones fit? thanks