1. M

    Aero Bumper, Pods and Wing

    Hey guys, got my s15 a few weeks ago and I'm keen to put some aero gear on it! Atm I'm looking to buy a front bumper, rear pods and the aero GT spoiler. I'm based in Australia if that helps! Any ideas on where to start looking would be great! Cheers, Matt
  2. E

    Hey, new from Australia

    Hey, I'm new from Australia, excited to have joined :D
  3. Unberivable

    Hi from Australia

    Hey all, I'm Sean from australia. I got a jdm spec r s15 recently. Look forward to talking with you all!
  4. Naz

    Hi from Perth Australia~

    Hey guys! This is my baby, 2002 200SX Spec R GT. I've wanted an s15 for the longest time and she's the first car I've had because I wasn't happy with anything less. I just bought her in December from a guy who had her for the last 7 years, and kept her in mint condition. :D I'm stoked with the...
  5. K

    Johns Black S15 From Australia

    Hello! Ive been a lurker on this forum but i decided to make an account and join in. Im all the way on the other side of the world from Melbourne Australia. Anyways i hope most of you people are kind on this forum haha ^___^ Ive also got a forum elsewhere but i guess ill update one thing at a...
  6. S

    WTB: Boost pillar cover

    Hey guys I'm after the cover that goes over the factory boost gauge, the part number is 76987 85f10. I Iive in Sydney Australia so closer the better Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. S

    Aussie New Member

    Hi Guys, Just joined this morning. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I'm a retired Mechanical Engineer. Probably the oldest member you have at 67 years of, not decrepit, still very young at heart...:) I've been a car nut all my life and purchased my S15 200SX brand new in August 2002...
  8. I

    Any S15 owners from Adelaide, South Australia?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and just wanted to know if there's any members from Adelaide, South Australia? Just looking to meet and get to now some new people from around my area. I'm also looking to get a group together for cruise runs every few months depending on how many S15 owners...
  9. J

    The word is out

    This car made headlines in Australia. view the link: Now we have retrieved the registration documents and they support the auction papers information. THIS...
  10. T


    My friend photographed this s15 in Australia when he was on holiday this year thought you guys might like to see it .
  11. S

    new from australia

    Hello people, name Jason from Victoria in Australia I drive a spec-r s15 Silvia adm, il post pix once I can/ work out how :)
  12. C

    New from Australia

    G-day all. As the thread states, if you're new introduce yourself here so HEY :wave: I own a 1999 JDM specR with a 3inch straight through, lowed on MCA Coilover, rolling on Cosmic Racing wheels. I'f you're from Australia let me know, always keen for a cruise if we live near each other haha...
  13. A

    WTB: S15 Rain/Weather door sheilds

    as the title states. Also if youd be willing to send to Sydney Australia. Thanks guys!
  14. M

    Importing vertex bodykits.. has anyone had any experience with them?

    hey guys im looking at importing a kit from vertex to australia.. has anyone had any experience with them??
  15. M

    Hey from South Australia

    Hey everyone, new to this forum... My name is Matt, from Adelaide, South Australia. Bought a JDM s15 from top secret imports in Sydney then drove it home back to Adelaide back in the Christmas holidays Loving the car! Always wanted an S series since I was in primary school... stepped up and...
  16. B

    What Brand Fuel is the best quality?? (Brisbane, Australia)

    I hear so many different story's about the quality of fuels from everyone. So i wanted to know what other s15 owners think is the best brand of fuel (eg Shell, Bp etc) in Brisbane Australia. Any insight is appreciated cheers
  17. J

    S15 turned from Drifter into Gravel rally car in Australia

    Hi team, just a quick introduction. Name is Jack, from Sydney in Australia. Built this car over last few months and are competiting in the Australian 2WD rally championship. Events are mainly gravel based and have completed one round already where we placed 2ND outright behind one of the factory...
  18. S

    FS: JDM S15 Silvia, Brisbane Australia

  19. K

    WTB: torque engine damper

    looking for one shipped to perth australia 6210
  20. A

    Hi, s15 from Australia -)

    :wave: HI! Im from Melbourne! Thought id join and contribute to this forum. Im originally from Bosnia, live in Australia. Here few pix of my ride: