1. A

    WTB: Wanted S15 Autech Type R

    Hi Guys, I'm on the hunt for a S15 - It's got to be the Autech Type R though .. Prefer white but if the right pewter or red comes along then that's cool. I went to have a look at this one a couple months ago which was for sale. It was perfect in every way, apart from the rear arches. This...
  2. D

    WTB: s15 autech

    Hi guys Im after an Autech s15 if anyone would be willing to part with there's ? drop me an email on or text me on 07803717771 only after an Autech don't want a normal spec s Cheers Dan
  3. J

    ITB's on Autech S15

    Yo guys, Just wondering if anyone has an idea of getting ITB's for an Autech S15 would be worth it? Contemplating doing it so just want opinions[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. J

    Exhaust help!

    Well, I screwed up getting a new exhaust, got a used 3", thats full system after downpipe... It's only going to be temporary, till I can sort MOT and money for a wrap. Once that's done I'm going back to a 2.5" pipe into 3"backbox. What I wanna know is, considering mine is N/A Autech, I...
  5. J

    Autech oil filter

    Yo guys! I'm giving my car a service next week (week and half off for my birthday) so finally got some time to work on her... Now just tying to grab an oil filter, I got sparks, oil, diff oil etc etc, just not 100% sure what to grab which would be best. Driftworks have a 180sx sr20 redtop...
  6. J

    Jakurial's Autech S15

    So, I hardly get time on my computer to do this, but since my tapatalk is uploading better photo's I'll give my baby a mention on here! Autech s15 Redtop sr20de (high compression at 11.0.7 - uprated cams which I'm not sure of the make Autech used) 3.5" 5zigen exhaust with Decat Arc air intake...
  7. J

    New clutch kit!

    Hi guys, my clutch has started a slip a tad, so when I get some more moneys, i shall be purchasing. Anyone recommend a decent Clutch? It's in a Autech 6-speed, so I'd presume i'd want a spec R clutch... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. P

    My de autech to det s15, Townsville Australia

    Hey guys! Very new to s15oc so I thought I'd do up a thread and show off my ride! Bought it 18 months ago as an autech fresh from japan. In that time it's seen the track a few times and see a few basic mods as you'd expect. At this stage mods include: -full det swap, not de+t :P,hdi front...
  9. J

    S15 Autech cam belt or chain?

    Hi guys Odd one, after some arse ruined my spec R as it was parked up, I been looking at a new one. Now my budget has been cut short due to insurance being a pain but I am going to pick up an Autech either tonight or tomorrow... I believe the spec r were done on Chain, I would presume it's the...
  10. M

    autech spoiler

    Are the autech high rise spoilers rare to get or hard found?? Came across one in friends garage and never seen one before or even pictures it's same style spoiler as the s14 autech
  11. T

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 - Rare Autech Version + Mods

    Fresh Import Rare Autech Version S15 just arrived from Japan. Great condition and looks awesome with the modifications. The Mods are Aftermarket Front Bumper, Carbon Bonnet, Aero Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Volks Racing Alloy Wheels, HKS Coilovers, FSK Manifold, 5Zeigen Exhaust, ARC Induction...
  12. J

    i need help!!!

    hi guys, I am currently looking to buy a s15 autech adm or jdm, but i cant decide between the two. Is there any problems with the jdm, importing parts, rego, etc? is it worth spending the extra few thousand for the adm? im looking at the autech s15 jdm at the moment for 16k, is this to much. Any...
  13. A

    Body kit's

    Are side skirts easy to apply to a s15 autech? I have a stock standard no side skirts. If anyone has pearl white spec r side skirts, I may be interested in purchasing
  14. R-Spec

    Autech Spec-R A-Style

    Wiki: "The S15 line was later expanded to include various luxury and upgrade option packages for both the Spec-S and Spec-R. Autech, a specialty car developer, also offered several tuned versions of the S15; one with body and interior trim modeled after the Ferrari 456, called the style-A...
  15. - 0h -

    Autech ECU

    Hey all... I'm wondering if Autech ECU is a good and cheap upgrade for an Spec S (na) model? Since my car was originally auto and then changed to a 6spd box now... If i put this ecu in, would it make any different?? cheers
  16. spoonman

    How often do you see a autech engine up for sale, check this out

    Price is about what you can buy a SR20DET for in NZ
  17. Feast Japan

    FS RARE: Autech SPL Option Floor Mats

    Just spotted these used mats. Figured with the rareness factor some of you may be interested. Originally equipped on Autech Silvia Spec S models. Price estimated at 23,000-24,000 JPY with postage. Exchange: PM if interested. IMG's:
  18. L

    my new Autech

    hey guys this is my new autech s15 its a 2000 model she has hks coilovers hks, radius rods, hks earthing kit and a kakimoto exhaust is there anything else i can do to her to pump up the volume?
  19. L

    Hi from the gold coast

    hi im locky from the GC and my whip is an 2000 model Autech S15 :nod:
  20. J

    Autech owner

    Hey everyone, been a memer of for around a year been to a fair few cruises and meets. I have a 1999 Nissan silver autech, vie already made a build thread that I'll post up here sometime soon. I'm from the redlands area in Brisbane and would love to get involved in some s15oc...