1. T

    Gearbox Question: Difference between the Autech and the Spec R 6 speed

    I was told the Autech is much stronger and reliable, not sure if that's true though, I would think there were the same. Any help woiuld be great! Thanks.
  2. X

    WTB: WTB: S15 Autech ECM

    Please PM me so we can work something out quickly!
  3. E

    S15 'Ferrai' Edition Thought I will share this since it's the first time I saw real pics of this S15 edition. Looks better on the online catalog.The rear seats are...
  4. X

    Autech Owners

    Someone had posted some Autech Owners forum link, but that's expired. I searched here and Google but didn't see a dedicated Autech forum/thread either. Just curious to know how many are registered to this community. :)
  5. S

    Help: Importing - Nissan S15 autech

    Hey S15OC members, This is my first thread post, so excuse me for any mistakes. :o Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone can recommend me any sites to importing a Nissan 200sx (s15) Autech for a good price. Importing to AUS by the way. Please and thanks :)
  6. A

    Would like input on Autech SR

    I am over in US and we do no have any of these rare that getting any reliable input is unrealistic. So anyway, how does it feel as far as driving performance? With gas prices as they are here i am leaning towards na power plus extra reliability. Autech SR revs bit higher then...
  7. S

    FS: varietta sr20 engine!

    As you know the project is on going and now the engine is up for sale... Low milage SR20de complete with auto gear box from my brothers S15 varietta which were made by autech. Those engines normally produce 165bhp but if made by autech 200bhp.. The Autech version puts out...
  8. G

    Dear Nissan, why only 165bhp???

    Can someone tell me why nissan only got 165bhp out of the non turbo S15 engine? im sure it mite have been asked before but when u look at other 2 litre n/a cars such as the Altezza, toyota managed to get well over 200bhp out of that beams engine. also look at nissans own Pulsar only 1.6litre but...
  9. H

    Autech Owners Group

    Hey all! Just quick msg to pop in and let you all know about Autech Owners Group Autech Owners Group was started in the effort to get a great database of information and facts - something thats hard to come by for any autech version! We'd love to have any of...
  10. P

    exhaust chassis number autech??

    hey so I'm thinking off putting a four branch in the car but as its a N/A silvia its not easy to find them infact impossible. anyone know if anyone is making them for the spec S. failing that a manifold from an autech is the only way to go (and i turned one down out of a damaged one 3 months ago...
  11. P

    Hey! Silvia in Cali representin!

    I just got my 2000 s15. I love it. I've been trying to get one for 2 years now and finally got it! Does anyone know the differences between the autech version and the spec-r? Because I got the Autech version, and I think I want to drop the sr20det in it. I "HEARD" the wiring is exactly the...
  12. Yakozan

    Nissan and Autech relationship?

    What was the Nissan and Autech relationship? I know that Autech made some Nissan cars, like the Autech Spec-S S15, S15 Varietta, 4-door Skyline R33GTR and so on. Was Autech the same as AMG is for Mercedes? Or do they just take Nissan cars and rebuild them? I would think so if not the Varietta...
  13. A

    HI im from NZ and my name is Tim

    :wave: Hi, I just bought an Autech S15, so thought i should sign up and say hello. I can normally be found on the forums username G.E. S15 well this is my car: the wheels in the last picture are unforutunately not mine :( hope you like Autech did a great job...