1. S

    WTB: stage 3 bits

    GT2871r 550cc+ injectors Z32 maf Power FC or Nistune board
  2. S


    Has anyone used the nistune board? pros cons? vs power fc?
  3. C

    WTB: s15 dashboard

    Hi guys Looking for a bare s15 dash board chris
  4. K

    Im back!

    after many years i finally managed to buy back my s15 ;) im so glad to be back in the seat, though it needs alot of love:cry: but i shall be around the board once again :D
  5. Jay

    My ecu has died!

    well.... during the fitting of my nistune board, as soon as my mapper tried to connect to consult, the ecu shat itself. we think someone at somepoint has messed with it and screwed with the connection, the result being the instant it was connected to, it crashed. we have plugged a 14a ecu and it...
  6. Ozone

    WTB: Board and carpet in boot

    I've had a spillage in the boot so now the board is mis-shaped and the carpet stained. Anyone got a board and carpet they don't need and want to off-load?
  7. Benne

    Convert an Impul Hi-Power Control Unit into Nistune??

    Today i removed the ECU from its place to install the arrived Nistune Board. What do i see? An Impul Hi-Power Control Unit :eek: Is there a way to flash it? Maybe with the Nistune Software? If not, is it possible to remove the Impul daughter board and then install the Nistune Typ4 daughter...
  8. Sender


    I just wanna say hi, to all S15 users :wave: I met allready few of you, and thought I will register on this board, normally I'm SXOC user :thumbs: Kamil
  9. Nicely

    New forum admin

    Due to the current commitments of some of the admins, it has been decided to bring someone else on board. :) Please say hello to the newbie admin, Channie! :wave:
  10. B

    WTB: S15 with Aero kit.

    Recently sold my S14a :cry:, so am now looking for a Spec R S15 with the Aero factory body kit. Have a budget of around 11 - 13K Max. Having been a member of the SXOC am really looking from a car from the board that will have been looked after as it should. Anybody know someone who's selling up...
  11. Feast Japan

    Media: Recent Tokyo Auto Salon

    Well I didnt see any pics from the TAS this year, so here are a bunch from my selection. Did anyone else on this board venture out to Japan for the event?