1. Joeh

    Japfest 2019 - Donington Park - 13/07/2019

    We're very late on this one as we've only got today to book in but we've got Club access for Japfest 2019 (Donington Park) on 13/07/2019 I'm hoping that if we can have 5 members or more book then I can organise a club stand for the S15 Owners Club If you would like to book, please do so today...
  2. A

    Spark plug gap

    Ive bought some NGK BKR7EIX & it says the gap is 0.6mm, the Nissan service book says 0.9mm, does this matter too much or should I gap it up? I already have a set of these in my car, had no problems & I know the gap grows as the plugs wear but would it run better or anything with the recommended...
  3. C

    Japfest 2016

    whos going? Anyone been before? Any good? Do i need to book somewhere to have my car near the show or what? I don't understand these things :wack:
  4. S15_SAM

    Club Event: JAPFEST 2016 Silverstone 24th April S15oc Stand

    S15 OWNERS CLUB BOOK YOUR CLUB STAND FOR JAPFEST 2016! Britain’s biggest celebration of Japanese car culture is moving to the iconic new home of Silverstone Circuit on 24th April 2016, and we’re happy to announce club bookings are open! NEW BOOKING SYSTEM FOR CLUBS We’ve changed the way...
  5. P

    ADM/NZ S15 turbo differences to JDM

    I have just been looking at my friends copy of 'Forced Induction Performance Tuning' by A. Graham Bell. I believe the author is Australian. The book contains a bit about the gains they made to an S15 turbo by just making breathing mods (intake and exhaust). According to the book their car had...
  6. I

    FREE Copy of Speedhunters Limited Edition Photo book up for Grabs!

    To those of you who don't follow us on Facebook, we are offering a free brand new copy of the new Speed Hunters photo book that will go to someone chosen at random from our Facebook followers once it hits 500. It is shameless blackmail...I''m not going to lie So get following...
  7. paddyb01

    apexi auto timer help

    im tryin to wire one in but im a bit lost heres pics do i splice in here at the ecm or here on the book i got with it it says dis wire is the 02 sensor and dis is the earth wire is that rite lads thanks for the help
  8. R

    book value?

    anyone one know what the book value is on a s15 spec s 2001?????
  9. J

    WTB: log book

    any1 no wer i could get a log book for an S15?
  10. LuPix_S15

    S15 Service Book

    Now that the time is drawing nearer, there's some S15 admin stuff I need to check out. Should I expect the S15 to come with a Japanese service book? If so, can I continue to use the same book over here? If there is no service book then what do I use instead? Ta :)