1. JDM_virgin

    borrowing a standard ecu

    Ok, this is a massive long shot but here goes. I have a small niggling feeling that my ecu is that cause of my problems (i haven't discussed this with my auto electrician) but i dont want to go and buy one if its not that...soooo Would any very kind sole LEND me a spare ECU if they have one or...
  2. Tom VWJ

    WTB: Wheel arch roller to borrow

    Looking to borrow wheel arch roller if anyone has/ knows someone who has. Northamptonshire / MK or... Stafford / Telford / Shrews PM me
  3. S15AK

    Borrow some S15 coil packs please...

    Hi Guys Long shot I know, but I need to borrow some coil packs, std or splitfires to work out if mine are knackered (currently splitfires). I don't want to fork out for a new set if they aren't the problem. I've had everything else looked at, vacuum system smoked tested, had it on the rolling...
  4. Jay-pan

    WTB: Boot lid I can borrow

    Need a boot lid I can borrow for a week or so, close to Telford would be good.
  5. justin666

    WTB: Spec R ECU - Rent / Borrow / buy

    IN order to get to the bottom of my non starting issue, I wanna eliminate the ECU if poss. Does anyone have a Spec R ECU I could borrow or rent for a couple of days in order to see how things go? Happy to Pay postage, collect etc and obviously a few beer / pie / KFC tokens can indeed be...
  6. E

    Does anyone have an ECU I can borrow for fault finding?

    My SpecR intermittently looses a cylinder, usually in the first 10 mins of a journey. It's usually #2, but has also been #1 and #3. I initially changed #2 coil pack but that didn't solve the problem and then it started happening to other cylinders. I've had a mechanic who knows Silvias have a...
  7. N

    WTB: SR20 Clutch Alignment Tool

    Simple, If you have a clutch alignment tool for the with the right spline for the SR20 engine lying around that you received when fitting a new clutch Please could I possibly borrow it off you or buy it? If I could borrow it I will pay for all the postage costs there and back + a bit...
  8. adz87kc

    Can i borrow some wheels? Reading area.

    Hey guys, I need to borrow a set of wheels for the IVA in a week or so time. Doesn't have to be s15 wheels can be s14 ones but the tires need to be the oem size 205 55 R16. Anyone got a set I can borrow for the test? cheers.
  9. K

    WTB: WTD: Wheel arch liners

    I'll need these for the ESVA! Anyone got some that i can buy, borrow?
  10. J

    Borrow my friend's dad's camera yesterday...

    Hey, My friend's dad let us borrow his camera yesterday (i dunno wat it is..i just know its one of those big black ones). Anyway, went to take a few quicksnaps just for fun and the best i could come up with was this.