1. B

    URGENT - need abs block bracket measurement

    hi there, i´m doing a LHD conversion and would like to make it as close mirrored as possible to look genuine. by this i was cutting the abs block bracket without making a measurement where to place the upper part on the new lower part. in my mind it was something like 10mm on one side and...
  2. S

    shift boot retainer bracket

    Hi all, anyone have a good alternative method of pinning the bottom of the shift boot to the console trim piece? the white retainer bracket with all the plastic tabs (just shown in below img) i had got broken trying to fit a new leather boot and i cant find a replacement without splashing on...
  3. S

    new coilovers front brake line bracket doesnt line up??

    Hi guys, fitted new coilovers to my car at the weekend but after installing the fronts the bracket that holds the brake line doesn't line up at all. the stock struts on my car had said bracket welded on below the abs line bracket much like the image in this thread: Fitting front coilovers to...
  4. H

    WTB: Offside headlight bracket

    As above
  5. A

    Urgent help pls!!!!!

    So the earth on the coil pack wire harness came off when I was trying to get to the bolt to undo it. I have a new harness to put in. Can someone please tell me where I can put the earth elsewhere? Can I use either of these? or the bracket on the firewall?
  6. G

    WTB: Stereo bracket / coilovers

    remove please -
  7. S

    WTB: wanted - Rear number plate light and mounting bracket

    Any one got a rear number plate light assembly and bracket? mines looking worst for wear at the minute.
  8. FreakensNL

    WTB: Rear bumper bracket

    Looking for the left rear bumper bracket, can any one help a brother out??! :) The RH has part number 85222-85F00, does anyone know the partnr. of the LH one?
  9. langers

    Parts Shop Max Cobra Downpipe

    Hi, Has anyone fitted one of these to their S15? I've just installed mine and noticed the gearbox mount on the pipe is short from the gearbox mount bracket on the car. Is it suppose to line up or do I need to make adjustments to the stock bracket?
  10. C

    WTB: Stock SR20DET Exhaust Manifold (used or new)

    Hi, Does anyone have a new or used good condition stock exhaust manifold for sale/would like to get rid of? Wonder if anyone also has the URAS Exhaust Manifold Damper/Brace for sale? My stock manifold has cracked (I most probably accelerating its fatiguing due to many short journeys to work...
  11. M

    WTB: radiator support bracket an rubbers?

    as above, would anyone have these? thanks
  12. A

    Door rattle, screw wont tighten up.

    I had a rattle in the door so took the trim off & its the bracket that sits inside the pull handle of the door trim, the 2 bolts #4 that holds bracket #5 wont tighten they just pop out of the hole when it gets to a certain tightness, any ideas how to make them stay in or I figured I could get a...
  13. s15Irl

    Brand spanking new headlight!

    I finally bit the bullet and splashed out on a new headlight. Got it straight from nissan! Took almost 7 weeks to arrive from Japan! Not a whole lot wrong with my old one except I think there was a pinhole somewhere.. It wasnt damp or letting water in but outside of the plastic was cloudy but...
  14. dave_t

    WTB: Wanted - Bride Seat Belt Anchor Bracket (Pics Inside)

    I have a pair of BRIDE ZETA III's with BRIDE FG Rails which im fitting to my S15 Silvia and retaining the OEM seat belts. The FG rails should both come with a bracket to mount your OEM seat belt 'receptacle', but one of them is missing from my passenger side rail - they are not needed when...
  15. UncleDan

    Rear Caliper Fitment

    Hello guys, I tried searching the threads and I am currently searching the web to figure this out. I know the S14 and S15 rear calipers are very similar but are they directly interchangeable/direct bolt ons? can they fit right to the same bracket? Dan
  16. K

    WTB: Wanted S15 radio bracket

    someone sell me a radio bracket. please post pics and price shipped to California.
  17. O

    WTB: Aircon compressor bracket

    Hi Anyone got the bracket that fits on the aircon compressor for sale? Seems to have been taken off my car, so theres no tensioning pulley. Text me or pm me if you have one for sale. Cheers 07903706226
  18. shib

    Idle Valve

    Gents Does anyone know the size or part number for the pipe between the idle valve and the inter cooler pipe? I'm also after the part number for the bracket on the passenger side door which the door handle on the door card bolts on to. The bracket is held on with 2 screws and looks like this...
  19. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: Looking for passenger floor mat and Radio bracket with empty bin

    Like the title says I'm looking for passenger floor mat and Radio bracket with empty storage bin.
  20. Max

    GTX2867r actuator problem

    Hi gents (and ladies) I want to use my old HKS actuator on my new turbo, BUT the bracket doesn't fit as the compressor assembly is totally different to the standard one, and GT2871r, so I am having to buy a new bracket, and probably actuator. The guys I got the turbo off can't get the Garrett...