1. C

    FS: Engine from my SpecR - SR20DET + 6 Speed Manual Gearbox

    Has around 95k Kms on it, It is currently in my car at the moment, runs great. I have a new fully forged engine already which is in the process of been reassembled. So this one will come out around the end of February middle of March. I thought I'd prematurely see if anyone was interested...
  2. H

    downpipes and elbow combinations

    i have a 14A elbow and downpipes as a result it hangs pretty low. someone on FB mentioned the 14 downpipe is shorter, is it likely that it will bring my exhaust slightly closer to the body helping with clearance?
  3. pegliobaglio

    FS: S15oc carbon slam panel

    Hi guys Was having a clear out and found this, I bought his off Darren a while back and since then it's just sat in it's box collecting dust . It's bnib I have no intention of fitting it and could do with some cash atm so if anyone wants it I am asking what I paid for it £110 If anyone wants...
  4. Parky

    Honey, I shrunk my S15 :(

    Not done any fiddly annoying modelling for a while so I thought I'd have a crack at making an exact replica of my 15, it's the Aoshima 1/24 Vertex Ridge kit, still a work in progress but not bad considering I haven't done anything like this for over 3 years. :) The kit came with TE37s so just...
  5. S

    S14/15 rear hub needed super urgent to bring to japshow

    Can any one help?????? If you got one please bring to japshow You will find me on the Japanese performance magazine stand Cash waiting!!!!
  6. JaseYpk

    Letti, the non jap, non rwd BEAST... :/

    So you're all aware my car has been written off a few times, but this time was the last, so sorry guys. If you want it as a project, keep your eyes on CoPart's website within the next few weeks. I havent accepted an offer from the insurance company yet as the offer is too low (£5,500), so we'll...
  7. JaseYpk

    My Sexy Carbon Turntable :p

    So, since the S15 sex appeal is gone, I've found a new way to grab the ladies attention. Carbon Fibre. Its proven. It works on cars, so I intend to make it work on everything else. Bring on the CF toilet seat, and bring on the (thinks of a PG equivalent for what i'm about to say) women... Sure...
  8. T

    Tonkans s15 spec R

    thought to myself i might as well create a thread here on this forum, and to be honest this is the place to do so as i want you guys oppinion and advice on what im doing right and what im doing wrong on my s15 here comes a quick presentation off who i am and where im from. my name is Tonkan...
  9. S

    Well heads :)

    thought id throw up a wee intro here and say hello.. :wave::wave: got a sprc r a few weeks ago and have a few plans for it.. nothin too drastic i just wanna basically bring it back to a standardish look again.. ill get a few pics up when shes
  10. 2

    half cuts

    does any1 know where i can bring in a front half cut silvia s15 from website name numbers anything that can help i want to bring in a half to help me with my s15 project any1
  11. S15AK

    Silvia Watch

    Hi guys, Board at home, so been looking for Silvia S15 bits to buy and came across this watch. Its took geeky for me so can't bring myself to buy it:o, but I did think about it lol.. looks pretty good though...
  12. V

    amp lead??

    story people? can somebody please help me, im putting my old amp into the boot of the 15 im puzzeld as to where i can find a place in the friewall to bring the power lead from the battery into the car! can some body please help thanks
  13. W

    Vosa 10 year rule

    Anyone know if this is changing? Can they start to bring in 10 year old s15's into the UK with bodykits now?
  14. J

    Help... No really HELP!

    It looks like I might be putting up my girl Silvia-chan up for sale...:cry: I recently discovered there is only one way for me to bring my car back to the states after I leave Japan and lets just say it's not very pleasant not cheap and not 100% legal. I know a member on here that has a S15...
  15. J

    S15 identity crisis...

    Hi all, This is my first post, looks to be a good helpful site. Im in the market for an s15, just sold my s13 silvia, and i think the only way to go is for an s15. I looked at a 1999 spec R last night, in the grey colour. Car was fine, other than a blown turbo gasket, but it didnt have any side...
  16. G

    New Nissan GT-R

    New Nissan GT-R launching in less than a month in Tokyo Motor Show... Wish Ghosn can bring back the "S" car as well...