1. T

    The Stig Arrives!

    Hey there S15OC! Would like to introduce myself, im The Stig. Im from Coventry, i currently own a gen7 Celica and i am a member of celicaclubuk.co.uk. Brilliant car but starting to fancy a change. The celica was the first car i ever promised myself i would own, then i saw the silvia! iv wanted...
  2. M

    Soon to be S15 owner

    HI all, I'm currently searching hard for a white S15 in the uk and have quite a few lined up to look at. I've just sold my celica GT4 st205 and can't wait to get behind the wheel of an S15. Does anyone kow the tech specs on a standard S15 like the 0-60, bhp etc as I love the looks of the car and...
  3. Big Ned

    Hi there

    Hello, I've put a deposit on an S15 Spec R yesterday. If all goes well I should have it tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. It's a fresh import in pewter. Looking forward to something a bit more lively than the Celica GT-Four it's replacing.
  4. G

    spec s performance

    hey lads, im looking at getting a spec s and just wondering performance-wise what other cars would be close to her on power? i know the spec s pushes out around 165bhp but would it be faster than a celica gt because of the weight difference? and also a levin bzr? it would be a shame if the spec...
  5. R

    well ho dey do

    Hi all :D My names Mike. I currently tool around in a '99 celica gt with all the trimmings which I had no intension of selling untill my girlfriends boss offered me ?5.5k for it and since can't get the thought of getting an s15 out of my head. Crazy thing is for the non turbo s my insurance...