1. Z

    Changing Coil Packs and fixing a misfire | S15

    Hi guys. This is probably a very commonly covered topic, but today, i wanted to make a video to document the matter, and help those who may not know how to do this. This tutorial will show you how to swap your Coil Packs in your s15 if you find that they are failing, or causing misfire...
  2. S

    WTB: Rear Lights

    Anyone selling OEM rear lights or the red and clear 50:50 ones? need to change the horrible lexus style lights on mine
  3. H

    OCD kicking in

    can someone do something about the S15 images shown at the top of the forum page , a number of them are reversed and it makes me really uncomfortable and i cannot stop looking at it willing them to change lol
  4. S

    Diff swap questions

    So here's the deal I'm looking to put a lsd in my 1999 spec-s. From my resurch I believe it currently has a open diff system. So my question is will I have to change the whole diff housing or can I still just drop in the gear box and go?
  5. ryan3

    Cigarette lighter / 12v socket bulb

    Hi, Does anyone know what type of bulb it is that lights up the cigarette lighter/12v socket on the centre console? I need to replace the bulbs in the climate control unit and am going to change them to LED's and would like to change the cigarette lighter one too so that they all match. Thanks!
  6. R

    Difference between 1999 and 2002 model?

    Hey guys, I haven't found anything about this topic so i wanted to know if there is any difference between a 1999 and a 2002 model. Sometimes manufacturers change things for a facelift model like headlights. Thanks and have a nice day ;)
  7. E

    A few small issues I need to sort out!

    Hi I bought a s15 in may haven't really driven it yet but have found a few issues I'm struggling with. 1. I have a knock from what I think is the front drivers side. When I brake and come to a dead stop it knocks. I had that side up in the air gave it a wiggle from the sides and there seemed to...
  8. L

    S15 Coolant leak.

    Last week I decided to change my exhaust manifold and Cat back exhaust. After crawling around underneath I noticed a coolant leak dribbling onto the subframe but looks to be coming from under the inlet manifold. I've done a search on here and Google and can't really see much info on it. I've...
  9. R

    Cant Change into 5th or 6th at High RPM

    Noticed this today, I thought I'd give it some as I rarely get the opportunity to. So I was giving it the heavy and when in the high RPM's between 5/7k I would try and change from 4th to 5th....Nope, The shifter acted like the gear wasn't even there, wouldn't go up. So I had an idea! 6th I...
  10. Carta

    Softer suspension

    Hey guys! Just a quick one, I run CST coilovers and I am finding that they are too harsh to use every day. Im wondering what would be my best bet to change to to improve the ride quality. My car isnt stupidly low so thats not an issue Thanks
  11. Surfing Boris

    Profile Picture

    Okay so I know I'm being really thick here but how the hell do I change my profile pic. Every time I try and edit my profile I can change the biog etc but I can't upload a pic anywhere!
  12. phillll

    WTB: Flush white boot

    Thinking about going for a flush white boot, maybe have both here to swap and change when I want/can be assed. Thanks. :thumbs:
  13. tooley

    WTB: S15 Automatic Diff 3.9

    Stab in the dark but I need one so i can change my ratio on my 2 way!
  14. Jay-pan

    Tapping sound...

    Hi guys, right just removed my ABS and finally got the car back on the road everything was running fine then when I stopped after giving it a little blast I noticed a tapping noise that would change with revs but drown out at around 3k. also no power and stutters/misfire when trying to give it...
  15. O

    WTB: S15 door cards wanted

    Hi im after both driver and passenger door card, i already have some on my car but there a bit scratched up so want some in good condition. im not too fussed about the grey perforated part as i want to change that but id want the rest in good nic. if you got any send me pics at...
  16. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    radiator fan thermal switch?

    Hey guys im wondering how do you change the temp for when the radiator fans come on
  17. fez06

    thottle body silicone pipe

    Anyone know where I can get a new one from? Iv just ordered a new fmic and want to change the pipe as it looks tatty compared to everything else
  18. A

    Anyone know what these Japanese labels are?

    Im guessing this one is an oil change because of the 10w-30 but what is the other?
  19. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    new manifold installation

    Hey guys i've just bought a new intake mani by that i mean it bolts onto the runners not the full manifold that bolts to the head. And i was just wondering if theres anything i need to know when installing it. precautions etc. will i need to change the gasket there because i don't have another one.
  20. R

    NA S15 from Malaysia

    Hi , my name mohamad razi, a malaysian , owned a Natural aspiration S15 since 2009, still no mods (virgin) .. this photo was taken in 2009 after buying her from a car dealer. below is the photo taken in 2012...Only change to a set of black 17 inch rims Photo taken at Batu Pahat...