1. H

    Fuel pump issue

    Looking for some advice. I changed the fuel pump a couple of months back. Ever since then the pump can’t supply fuel the the engine when the gauge shows 1/8th on the fuel gauge. No fuel light shows. Before I changed the pump I could drive till empty and the fuel light would show at around 1/8 on...
  2. H

    Clutch pedal down = Grinding noise

    Hello Im having this wierd noise coming when I press down my clutch pedal. Recently I changed to a Exedy sports organic clutch and a brand new Koyo release bearing. After some months it started to make some sort of grinding noise when I press down my clutch pedal. I then changed my...
  3. JDM_virgin


    i have a sneaky suspicion my car is over fueling or something else is a miss but how can i accurately tell? I have a serious amount of black soot/**** on my rear bumper to the point that I'm having to polish it every 100 or so miles of driving. It was bad when I had the CAT but now its a lot...
  4. C

    S15 and S14 Caliper Swap

    Hi All, I cannot seem to find a definitive answer on this, but are the calipers the same on the S15 and S14's. In other words could they be changed between the two cars without issue. Thanks in advance,
  5. J

    burning oil

    My mates s15 is burning oil on overrun down a hill mostly and normal running temperature . We have changed my turbo into his car to rule out it and it's not the turbo, compresson 145psi across all cylinders, changed out pcv value not it either could it possibly be valve stem seals. Cheers
  6. Jaydej

    Belts and bearings

    i sometimes get the odd sqeeky noise from the best, i can get a set of belts no problem, but i just wanted to know what bearing are common to go. or need to be changed dont want to be doing the job twice
  7. Nickichi

    WTB: S15 Bonnet

    Hi looking for a bonnet for my car after a prang this morning. Doesn't matter on colour, just hoping someone has changed to a carbon one recently :nod:
  8. Parky

    Changed clutch, pedal now stiff..?

    I swapped the OE clutch for an ACT HD organic yesterday as the Nissan one started to slip / stink, I was told it had roughly the same feel as an OE clutch, but after putting everything back together and giving the pedal a press it now feels really stiff and spongy. It's not a new clutch, it has...
  9. Krish


    Right chaps. I've just changed to s tunes on the 15. No other arms etc have been changed. I've got the whiteline settings I used previously but the local garage want to know what I need adjusting. Will I need camber, toe and caster? Sorry for the stupid question. Just don't want to take it...
  10. R

    temperature control unit

    hey all does anyone know which bulbs are in the temp/ac control unit? i saw someone had changed theirs. thanks
  11. J

    FS: S15 standard helical diff + in casing with half shafts.

    Hi. Getting rid of these so I can finally get a 2way :-) The diff has regular oil changes, only had fresh oil 3months ago when we changed the driveshafts! It's done around 80k and still works perfect. Havnt got photos as still on the car at the moment. £250
  12. J

    FS: Standard s15 helical diff

    Hi. Getting rid of these so I can finally get a 2way :-) The diff has regular oil changes, only had fresh oil 3months ago when we changed the driveshafts! It's done around 80k and still works perfect. Havnt got photos as still on the car at the moment. £250
  13. Dan H

    Just changed my oil

    I've just changed my oil and done the fuel filter today. I always write on the top of the oil filter the mileage and date when I change the oil. The one I took off was done at 86163 km on 23/6/11, and now I've only gone up to 88250 km. Only 2087 km, or 1304 miles in a bit over a year! I must...
  14. Dan H

    New wheels on!

    I've changed my wheels on the 15, but I'm a bit concerned the might rub :wack:
  15. J

    more problems :(

    finally got my car back after being in the garage for nearly 2months. drove the car today only up the road and its starting to loose power even when putting my foot on the throttle, i stopped then the whole car turned off. it then took ages to start then died again even when i was trying to rev...
  16. M

    instrument cluster brighness

    hello all, just wondering if there is a way to brighten up my instrument cluster as its very dim at the moment. i have changed the 18 lamps on the back but i think they just light up the individual warning lights, thanks
  17. adz87kc

    Boost gremlin :s

    Evening all, Last few days my car hasn't been running at its best. The other day it boosted to 20.6psi and tonight on the way home it spiked twice to just above 19psi. I checked the boost controller (profec b spec II) and all the setting are as they were when i had the car mapped but aside from...
  18. S

    FS: Apexi power FC and handcontroller S15, 375 pounds shipped!

    Almost brand new, only 600 miles used, for sale because i changed my plans on the engine mods. It's an L-jetro. Needs to go asap cause i need the cash! :thumbs:
  19. W

    my s15 spec R (still in japan) due in 5 weeks!

    Hi guys heres a few pics of the s15 ive just won in japan (andy from 200bhp really) lol a lot is goin to be sorted and changed for better items, including all the paintwork by myself! OOPS pics didnt upload!
  20. B

    some questions with my s15

    Hi everybody, i just got a s15 last month and i got severao questions with my car 1. i run the dyno and it got 182HP atw at 0.6 boost, is it normal? 2. the modifacation my car got is big front mont, air intake and full exhaust system. the ecu hasn't been changed. so can anybody tell me the...