1. Z

    Changing Climate Control Colour/Replacing broken LED | S15

    Hello and welcome to another new Tutorial! This can only be done in the Jap Spec S15's, ADM ones may share bulbs, and process to remove is similar, so you can follow along too with discretion. For this tutorial, all you will need it a few Phillips head Screw Drivers and the appropriate...
  2. A

    WTB: All clips & screws etc for front arch liners

    All clips & screws etc for front arch liners Seems Nissan have stopped making some of them, so anyone got all the bits to mount the liners they don't need?
  3. T

    Harness help please should be easy

    I will keep it short and sweet. I Threw the motor back in and trying to tuck all the wires. I have no clue what this harness goes to. It has been over a year since I took the motor out and cant remember. This harness comes out of the passenger side firewall. Part of it clips into the wiper...
  4. ArTo

    WTB: Rear Bumper brackets and clips

    Hey, loooking for the mounting brackets and clips for rear bumper.
  5. M

    FS: Super Advan SA3R 8.5x18 et35

    Decided to sell these, been shot blasted and freshly painted gloss black, never had a tyre on since. All the centre caps are there. The centre nuts do need refinished as I never got round to that, need marks buffed out then polished. The medallions and e clips are there too. I have 2 bent angle...
  6. A

    WTB: Front arch/fender liners

    Looking for front liners with clips etc.
  7. Lanyard

    WTB: S15 Sun Visors - Black

    As above... need a set with the clips and screws :thumbs:
  8. crazymat666

    dump valve noise and chatter :S

    so late last year i changed over all my clips on my boost pipes to slurry clips and it has made a dramatic change to how it drives. on idle it isnt as lumpy anymore and just seems smoother while driving.but i have noticed the dump valve dumps and it also chatters when changing gear or letting...
  9. S15_SAM

    FS: Calliper rebuild kit x 1 DB power £12 posted.

    4 pot Nissan calliper rebuild kit, will do 1x S15/14 calliper. DB sell them for £16 posted. Any pics needed please ask but it's 4 piston seals, 4 dust covers and 4 retaining clips £12posted please cover fees if paying through PayPal or send by gift.
  10. S15Cro

    WTB: JDM Flare Clips

    Looking for the clips that attach the flare to the panel under the glovebox Have the flare in my Toyota Levin as an example: The clips: The S15's current state: Can someone check their car to see if they have clips that are not being used as I know a few people wont realize they have...

    Interior question

    Has anyone ever taken the covers off their seats? Mine are damp/ mouldy and I need to get them off. So far it looks like a ballache!!! All these metal clips look like a pain to get off and on again Help?
  12. Z

    WTB: aero side step

    I'm looking for aero side skirts. My car don't have this skirts, how can i clip the OEM skirts? I think that my silvia don't have the holes for the clips.
  13. Mike

    FS: H-Dev SR20DET exhaust manifold with new gaskets and locking clips.

    Bought this off Craig a while ago, have never got round to fitting it and can't see that I ever will and as I'm not after big enough power to require one. Totally new only been taken out of the box and the gaskets are still in the packets. I bought all the gaskets and locking clips which set me...
  14. R

    FS: Wanted: S15 Hid Passengers Side Headlight

    Hi all, just wondering would anyone have or does anyone know where i could get a passengers side black housing HID headlamp for my s15. Must be in very good condition with none of the clips broken and little to no damage on the glass if possible. Whats out there? Cheers Ken
  15. JaseYpk

    Problem Child Returns Again.... *sigh*

    Someone please. grant me some more sanity because mine is starting to run out. All i can do is laugh now. ha ha ha. So oil pan and return hose form the turbo were replaced, and its now not leaking any oil. hurrah! but no. she's content with spitting something out. So this time, today. its...
  16. Fruitbooter

    Has anyone got access to Nissan part numbers?

    I need to get some new clips which hold the side skirts on, the yellow ones that go into the car that the skirts clip into..and also maybe the bits that are on the skirts side to. (unless you’ve removed your skirts it sounds complicated but there’s basically 2 parts, the bit that fits into the...
  17. Adam L

    FS: Japspeed S14/S15 ali rad

    Japspeed Ali rad, as in title. It's for sale as I've just bought a Koyo rad to replace it. Its about 6 months old in good condition bar where I had the mounting clips for my twin rad setup. £100 posted or £90 collected.
  18. JaseYpk

    WTB: Arch Liners

    Ok so since 'the crash' my arch liners had broken clips and were held in with cable ties, and rubbed on the tires every now and then, until a few days ago, when i was cruising at 80, heard a scream and bang, pulled over, and my arch liner on the front right had caught the wheel and got ripped...
  19. Fruitbooter

    Side skirt clips

    The yellow clips that push in and hold the skirt in place... Can these be baught from anywhere? Nissan? I managed to snap a few removing the skirts silly me! :annoyed: Ive had a quick look online but I think its gonna have to be Nissan for £££ and hope they are the right ones..or I might try...
  20. DeanS15

    removing side skirts

    hi all, i need to know how to remove the sideskirts without causing any damage to them or the bodywork.... i've removed all the screws and fixings, all thats left is the trim tape and the pop clips that hold them on, but even when i can get my fingers behind the skirt, the wing flexes before...