1. S

    WTB: Sr20det coilpacks wtd:

    Hi as per title i am looking for s15 coilpacks if any one selling do let me know Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. F

    WTB: Coilpacks

    Either good standard ones or I'd rather have updated one, but see what's available ! Thanjs
  3. F


    Had a little miss fire last night , just changed plugs so it's not them, what coilpacks woukd you recommend? Split fire seem to be the best if I'm right ,anyone got any links to a cheap set?
  4. langers

    WTB: WTB: S15 coilpacks

    Anyone got a spare set?

    HELP? Having a nightmare

    So the car had what seemed like a misfire to me , Was wanting to uprate the coilpacks anyways so fitted new plugs and updarated coilpacks. This did not solve the problem . So I fitted a new Z32 afm , Car then decided it didn't want to start and the fuel pump wasn't priming , Fuel injector...

    Lumpy idle , bogging down under acceleration

    checked the plugs , they don't look worn out Changed the coilpacks for uprated ones Still happening ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. B

    FS: Skyline R33 GTS-T spec1 SPLITFIRE coilpacks

    R33 gts-t spec1 Splitfire DIS-001 coilpacks Set of 6, bought new from Nengun and have done approximately 2000 miles only As new £175 Nick 07971 650953
  8. Mycool

    WTB: s15 spec r coilpacks wanted

    as title says thanks
  9. S15AK

    Borrow some S15 coil packs please...

    Hi Guys Long shot I know, but I need to borrow some coil packs, std or splitfires to work out if mine are knackered (currently splitfires). I don't want to fork out for a new set if they aren't the problem. I've had everything else looked at, vacuum system smoked tested, had it on the rolling...
  10. pegliobaglio

    FS: Oem coilpacks

    Have a set of oem coilpacks for sale. I took them off my car ,they were all in perfect working order when removed. I was going to keep them for spares but think I will get some split fires instead. 130 delivered in the uk
  11. A

    Spec R Coilpacks

    Finally had enough of buying 2nd hand coilpacks only for them to fail within months. Seen splitfires but they`re a bit pricey. What are my options? Thanks
  12. J

    WTB: coilpacks

    has anyone got any sr20det coilpacks for the s15? need to be working perfect obvs :)
  13. Fasthands

    FS: HKS Hi-Power 409 system, alloy rad, coilpacks,

    For sale as title inc de-cat pipe. £350 No dents just a scrape on back box, courtesy of my steep driveway... Buyer to arrange their own courier,but give me a few days to get wrapped up as I will need to get someone to help as I'm still recovering from my leg operation. Or come pick it up from...
  14. H

    Running on 3 cylinders

    I can't figure this **** out. Last weekend I went out for a short drive and coming around a roundabout I got into and it dropped a cylinder. It has done this before about 6 months ago. I remade the coilpack harness and it has been fine ever since. This time, I figured out which coilpack...
  15. sliding-r

    FS: Uprated coilpacks

    Thought someone might be after a set of new coils as they can be problematic as I found out second day of owning a s15. :( These arent anything to do with me just I spotted them:
  16. Tony

    Splitfire coilpacks..

    Hi there!! iv'e heard that splitfire coilpacks increase hp.. Is there any truth here..and does anyone know how much in that case..?? best regards tony
  17. J

    WTB: Coilpacks

    Hey guys, im after a coilpack or two, let me know :) thanks
  18. S15AK

    WTB: Std set of S15 coilpacks

    Has anyone got a set of std coilpacks I could borrow/buy (if its my coilpacks that are the problem, after I've swapped them over). I'm in the North West if someone has a set local, if not I will pay for postage if anyone will be kind enough to post me a set. :thumbs: Thanks Adam
  19. S15AK

    Spark Problem help please..

    Hi Guys, I think i've got a spark problem.. I have splitfire coilpacks on the S15, and I think one of them is faulty, as its looks like its been patched up in the past (had them all out), the rubber has been ripped at some point and silconed back up. I've tried changing the plugs to a...
  20. eiden88

    WTB: s15 sr20det oem ecu

    as per title i'm looking for a stock oem s15 sr20det ecu as I'm going to swap to coilpacks on my ex-NA s15. :cool: thanks