1. crazymat666

    s15oc membership number for insurance

    as the title says i need to find out where i can get a copy of the membership number for my insurance company? anyone know or been through this with sky insurance?
  2. crazymat666

    insuarance company numbers HELP

    i was on here last night and come across a thread with a fair few insurance company numbers but now for the life of me i cant find it again haha. if anyone can point me in the right direction i will be most greatfull thanks. also i have used the search tab and no luck :( thank you
  3. E

    Window not coming back up automatically

    My driver's side window got smashed recently then I got it replaced but now it doesn't come back up automatically, it goes down but not up. Did the glass company do something wrong or is there something I have to do to reset the switch?
  4. S


    Hi. I'm going to be importing an S15 very soon, and was going to use torque-gt to help source me a nice example, and sort all the paperwork out. The only thing is im going into this a bit blind, as i will be dealing with the company over phone and e-mail only. I live in mid Wales, which is a...
  5. N

    Can anyone help???

    Right here it is, i am waiting on a full vertex ridge kit from a company called empireaero from austrailia the guy said it wood be here in 6-7 weeks it has been 9 now and no sign of it plus i have sent him at least 4 nice e mails askin for a tracking number or could he find where it is, but has...
  6. T

    Ordering direct from japan shops

    Found this link layin round its a company that will place and ship an order for you from any japanese website you wish, cant remember do they work out cheaper than the likes of rhdjapan think its around the same, but its handy for ordering kits and stuff thats not available in the usual...
  7. J

    SVA Preparation

    Hi, importing my car from cyprus to the UK, and am looking for a company in the north east who do SVA preparation. Any help would be great.
  8. D

    Aftermarket parts?

    Hallo! A quick and small question. Does anyone know any company in Europe that has a homepage and parts for S15? //Daniel
  9. Nicely

    Forum offline

    As many of you possibly noticed, the forum was down for nearly 20 hours. This was due to an error caused by a setting on the host server. I am trying to get this and other settings changed to stop the errors. If the hosting company won't do this, there will be little alternative but to change...
  10. K

    car transport ??

    anyone know a good car transport company they recommend ??
  11. D

    garages in the south east

    ive just brought rolands s15 and am looking to get a few bits fitted (suspension, exhaust, etc) any recomendations of a good garage or company in the south east??, but i dont mind driving a bit as long as the service is good any ideas anyone??
  12. T

    model report for 2001 spec r

    i have been hearing many different things from different people andi need it clearing up. does an s15 2001 spec r have a model report for it. if so, which company. your help would be much appreciated.
  13. J

    FS: S-15 for sale in USA

    Hi, we have a 200 S-15 for sale right now. It is going for $33,000. 26,000 mile and white color. It's located in CA right now. Also, we can import other S-15, Skylines from Japan. OUr company is Supaca Improts : you can email us at or call 213-305-4200
  14. C

    Insurance Company

    Does anyone have a nice and cheap insurance company to recommend in the UK? Young person especially. thanks
  15. N

    does anyone know a importer company that ships to the u.s.?

    does anyone know a importer company that ships to the u.s.?,because i want a S15 badly, but i can't find anyone that ship to the U.S.
  16. Feast Japan

    Feast Auto Export a Nissan and aftermarket parts dealer

    S15 OC, To start off, I own and operate a small company here in eastern Japan. The company is called Feast Auto Export Gorup ( and is closely affiliated with the well known Feast Racing Service a larger Japanese company. In the beginning roughly 2 years ago, I...
  17. irvs

    drift s15

    just seen these pics on a n.ireland forum taken at a local a drift day. as usual the cars look well dogged out and sadly so does this s15. but the thing that intrested me was the location of the air filter. just wondering does any company make an intake like thoes used on skylines and evos that...
  18. slammedmind

    Apexi gone bust!

    Kevin from envy has just posted this on a forum i frequent, not good news... Hi all just to let you know Apexi (Apexera) Japan has filed for bankruptcy: All operations have been halted at this time. We will stop taking any orders for their products as of...
  19. N

    what is this company like

    hey all i posted this on sxoc and they told me to come here for advice i am currently on a search for an s15 spotted a few but seen a real nice one with this company. They are called jap angels ( i was wondering has anyone delt with this company or know any info of them. your...
  20. Topper

    *** Importers the Sticky - Please Read First ***

    In this section you will find a list of possible companies who supply cars direct from Japan to the Uk, and other countries. This is of course a risk, as you are buying from spec and putting all of your trust and money to a company you don't know. For this reason we, as a club, would suggest...