1. P

    Car Covers

    Hi, Generally my personal cars sit on the driveway and get driven once or twice a week, sometimes once a fortnight due to travelling for work and company cars. Im debating getting a car cover for this one. Anyone got any experience of any? Any recommendations? Cheers
  2. ArTo

    WTB: Japspeed S14/S15 Exhaust Catback

    Hey looking for this exhaust from Japspeed. Its out of stock at the company :/
  3. K

    Fuel injector cleaning and testing

    Could anyone know or recommend any company which does fuel injector cleaning and testing please? Thank you
  4. ChrisKnottIns

    I might be saying too much but...

    Hi, I can't keep it in any longer - I'm too excited for you. So I've decided I'm going to let you in now on something pretty cool that's happening in the next few days. It's still very hush-hush so I can't say too much at this stage or I'll get in trouble but I wanted you to know that the...
  5. sushiming

    Best car rental company is AUS (Brisbane)

    Hey guys long time not been on here, but I wanted to have some advise from you fellow Aussies. I will be traveling to Brisbane in mid Nov and want to hire a rental car and wanted some advise on which is the company to go for? Hertz Budget Avis Also should I also take out the excess reduction...
  6. Lanyard

    Rebuilding Tein Suspension - HELP needed

    As above I have a set of Tein StreetFlex coilovers that I want to get rebuilt to sell on as I'm now running DW CS2's. Does anyone know of a company in the UK that can supply all the parts or do the rework for me? Cheers guys:thumbs:
  7. Barnesy

    Hi all

    Hi guys and gals :wave: I'm Barnesy and I've registered with the forum to get to know you people and start to learn about S15's. I've just won one at auction in Japan via an import company and I'm currently waiting for it to be sent to port and leave Japan on the 20th, so fingers crossed it'll...
  8. G

    S15 headlights

    Hi guys, my headlights are pretty Hazey does anyone know good ways to make them clear again or know of a headlight restoration company? Thanks
  9. Rider4Life

    Front Lip...which Company

    hello of which company is this lip?
  10. D

    Which ECU to buy ?

    Hey guys im new to this forum, iv owned my s15 spec R less than 2 weeks and its got a few cheeky mods on it. such as GT2871- R turbo,740cc injectors,FMIC ,tein coilovers, turbo back exhaust,custom tubular manifold, hks mushroom ect... The thing is that when i get to a set of lights the oil...
  11. Chriscooke

    Heads up - Green light Insurance

    I as I'm sure many of you do have just had the mammoth task of searching for a decent insurance quote for my sx, I guess you guys have it even harder with the cars being imports. I spent most of wednesday of this week on the internet and the phone searching for a good quote but one insurance...
  12. crazymat666

    Damn car insurance quotes :(

    So I'm currently with sky insurance who Matched last years shop around price of 1250 which I was happy with but now I'm 25 and with 4 yrs no claims its gone down by £90 which I find is ridiculous to be honest.ive only got 3 points which is a ms60 which I've been by a company it shudnt really...
  13. pegliobaglio

    air induction box anyone interested??

    Right chaps,I want to get a box to fend off the dreaded heat soak,as we all know there isn't much in the way of induction boxes bar the fairly expensive apexi box. But I have found a company in australia who do a box to fit our cars,they are made of tough polycarbonate and come with spacings to...
  14. L

    Hello guys...

    Hi, i'm loupos the new administrator of mail ordering for cougar power motorsports. due to some timing problems Peter is not able to catch up into the forum so i will represent his company. I hope we have a good time here in the forum...:)
  15. F

    Greetings from Austria!

    Hi My name is Lucas and since arround 1 week i'm also pround to be a S15 owner :D I come from Austria, a lot of mountains :D I work in a big company which produces vending maschines. Here are some pic's from my silvia :D
  16. C

    HKS EIDS Idle Stabaliser

    Hi Guys, Just acquired one of these from the 'for sale' section - anyone have any experience fitting? I'm just waiting on a quote back from a reputable motorsport company near me but if its not way beyond my abilities I wouldn't mind having a go myself? Thanks!
  17. Alex De Large

    Has anyone had any dealing with this company?

    The company is JRS Commercials & Cars and they're based in Northern Ireland. Basically they have a low mileage S15 I might be interested in but i'm just trying to get some feedback on the company. Here is the car i'm looking at:
  18. meddler

    Trade/Company forum users

    All, If you represent a company or wish to become a trader on this forum, please be aware of the following rule. As Silvia Owners Club is a privately owned forum, it is requested that you ask the forum owner for permission to become a trader or a company representative on this forum. It would...
  19. JaseYpk

    *cries* my s15 smiles no more *cries*

    pretty self explanatory i guess.. needs new bumper, bonnet, left light unit, radiator & fan, and the main bar going across the front end is bent. so my baby is gonna be off the road for quite some time! just gotta wait for insurance company to arrive and pay out! at least the new bumper wont...
  20. D

    My experience with SVA

    Hello there to everyone. Waaaaaaay back in November last year i spotted a tastey s15 coming into the country via SVA imports. I phoned them up and put down a deposit. After many delays, lots of excuses I finally got my February. (Pics posted in the introduction section). Advertised...