1. R

    car stereo

    hey all been installing a new headunit, but few problems, 1st my radio receives no stations, its connected to the car arial cable but i have read its got a built in tuner, so do i not need it connected to the car? secondly it has tv function but again recieving no stations, i currently have...
  2. D

    Tein edfc connection issue

    Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me. To cut a long story short the other week I took my car to get stretched tyres fitted and coil overs adjusted (lowered) by what is thought to be quite a reputable place for this type of work (won't name which one) when upon picking up the car I'm informed...
  3. S

    Stereo wire help

    Hi all. I'm looking at changing my headunit, and wondered if anyone knew which colour wires do what? Hear also there is a wire I need to connect to power up the antenna booster? What wire is it? Is it one that is connected to the aerial itself? and what colour wire needs connecting to what...
  4. Havoc

    FS: S15 Aero Spoiler.

    Aero spoiler in Gray, in good condition! Has a few scuffs and marks! nothing major. Cableing for brake light is still intact and connected. £130, prefer pick up but will post!
  5. Suspect

    disconnected wires under the gearstick

    I was having a poke around in the car this morning and I found these two connectors that run through the centre console. They come from the back some where and go no further than the gear stick. Looks like they should be connected? Also on my travels within my car I found I have a spare...
  6. S

    s15 confusing bits HELP

    ok first whats the plug by the left of the rad? anybody have issues with the standard boost gauge? mine turns its self off when it wants how is the speed and sencors connected and where? am i going to have issues if i change the diff to a 2way and remove the abs?
  7. richy200

    consult software and lead

    Hey guys, i've recently had a engine swap (na sr20de out and s14 silvia sr20det in) i have a mines ecu in the car and it has been mapped by mines. The guy that did the conversion told me that he connected the consult up so that should be working (hasn't been tested) i just wanted to know...
  8. J

    No spark, wont start

    Hi All, I replaced an engine in a S15 sr20det, got it all back together late last night, but it wont start. It has no spark for some reason:down: There is power coming to the coils, and they are earthing ok, but the switching pulse isnt there. Any pointers of what it could be. Everything seems...
  9. S

    Car cannot keep running

    Turn my key on and engine starts but dies as soon as it starts.. I diagonosed as sourcing fuel to keep engine running so my first doubt was the fuel pump. I have changed to Nismo Fuel pump and i suspected my installation but everthing is connected even the fuse. Except there are only one...
  10. mint

    Intake plug?..

    Ok, bit random and at work so no access to take or upload pics. So i shall try explain it best i can. SR20DET Engine. Pretty Standard. -FMIC -Battered to death Apexi Filter -Blitz BOV. Now, the BOV Was originally connected to the intake, If you imagine follow the pipe/hose thing from the...
  11. S

    Electrical Expertise

    I have a small battery on my car, think its 330 ca. If I leave the car for a week its unlikely to turn over. The battery is fine just my alarm and earthing kit possibly draining it. My question is would it be better to relocate to boot area with a large battery or put one in the boot thats...
  12. A

    Airbag Bypass Wire??

    Anyone with a aftermarket steering wheel know how this works? I have a wire with a white connector with 3 black wires connected to it. white connector im guessing connects to the car's airbag connector, two black wires are already connected to a 2amp fuse, and there is one extra black wire which...
  13. I

    Anyone installed rear brake pads before?

    Ok... driving along - then grind grind grind (really loud by the time I got home :o ). Thought it was a stone in the rotor shield - but no. Pulling the handbrake up or braking stops it momentarily - so it looks like my rear brakes are toast. Sure enough, on inspection the inside pads are...