1. M

    WTB: WANTED! Rear, Front & Both Quarter Windows

    Hi, I'm looking to replace all my windows as they are badly scratched. (I paid a company to respray it and they used a scraper on my windows!!!) It's really hard to find any spares in this country, so if anyone has any spare windows or knows someone, please drop me a message as the scratches...
  2. H

    WTB: ***wanted Spec R side skirts***

    ideally in pearl white but any colour will do, can collect from more or less anywhere in the country
  3. ArTo

    FS: S15 Carbon Doorboards and Door Still

    Hey, for sale S15 parts Carbon Door Boards 430 € Carbon Door Still 110 € + shipping to your country
  4. Luke

    Drive it like you stole it

    Saw this video the other day and thought what a lunatic :wack: but thought id share it with you guys :D The M5 is being driven around a European country?,,,,, by a mad man
  5. M

    what can i do to adapt the headlights to a rhd country?

    Hi, i am going to make the car road legal but to be Spanish MOT tested i have to adapt the headlights as a european car (LHD). Anyone who owns an s15 in a right hand drive country could help me? cheers
  6. Mark_D

    Is it me or are S15's floating into the country at a rapid rate of knots now?

    I've been a little bit out of touch with my S15 passion recently.. lol. But whilst looking at Pistonheads and even the bay! :eek: There seems to be ALOT of fresh newly imported S15's around. I know the import rules have changed.. therefore 2001 / 2002 + Spec S + autospazmatic etc models can be...
  7. M

    Hi all!!

    I guys, I'm from a small Island in the Med called Malta. Hence my nick!! I've just bought my first s15 (from an ad on ebay) but still have to fly up to the UK to drive it down to my country. It will be the first S15 on the Island. So 2 weeks and 3 days to go till I get my hands on it :)
  8. Nicely

    Destination Finland...

    After various setbacks delaying my original plan, the ferry is now booked and the road trip organised. I'll be leaving the UK for good on the 30th September and starting my new life with my Finnish GF in Helsinki! :D I'm taking the Surf packed full of the most important stuff and will take the...
  9. D

    convertion headlight lens to LHD country

    Are their somebody have information to change the lens to correspond of a LHD country Thanks
  10. J

    Is the resession global??

    well guys just wondering from a few of the members who live outside ireland,is threr country in a recession too,as ireland at the minute is in a devestating state,nearly 20% of the country are unemployed as far as i know.i myself am only working 3 days..:( hence i have plenty of time to spend on...
  11. mint

    f1-auto's? Mates been interested in one of...
  12. J

    I need help :(

    Do you guys have difficulty to start your engine while the engine is still warm? I have this problem and i live in a warm country. Any one can help me out? is this normal? :(