1. willy s15

    FS: nissan sr20/sr16 vvl head

    hey to all i have 2 head vvl for sell 1 is from sr20ve 1 is from sr16ve head is complete untouch complete with cams or not i have more crack pulley oil pump and more two complete motors pics on request i can ship it at buyer cost anywhere
  2. M

    Will have one soon!

    I'm Matt, always wanted a 15 for years and have finally stuck a deposit on one. Needs some work to get right as has a little damage but can't wait to crack on. Always had 200's, got a few other toys aswel including Will need a few bits so thought I'd say hello
  3. shib

    WTB: Driverside Foglight

    After a driver side aero fog light as mine has a crack in the lens.
  4. R

    FS: Carbon fibre dash surround

    I've taken lots of pics do ŷou can see the damage and be honest upfront Small hairline crack on main part. Nissan sticker hiding another minor crack gear gater clip broken rear of main piece is missing something from the looks of it but never affected it. None of the damage affected anything...
  5. I

    Cracked stock manifold : which replacement ?

    Hi, I'm the future owner of a stock JDM S15, and unfortunately, the exhaust manifold cracked just a few days ago... (it's rather cold in France now, and the S15 was not running very often) :( The crack is quite large, on the fourth cylinder, and I wonder what is the best replacement... I've...
  6. M

    setting up electronic boost controller

    hi all im in the process of setting up mu aem tru boost. but i need to know what the waste gate crack pressure is. or acuator spring pressure on standard actuator. cheers
  7. W

    help found my oil leak problem (hairline crack on engine block)

    leaking a tea spoon of oil every few days or so. Car runs fine and compression test came up 145psi across all 4. What are my options to seal the crack? Has this happened to anyone else? the crack is on the front of the engine just below the head gasket. s15 sr20det
  8. zml

    a set of JDM Dmax style tail light new but has little crack stocks clearence

    as title i have a set non led DMAX style tail light which has a little crack on the trim, but have been super glued it, it only crack a bit, not really like a serious broken,it still fits perfect on you car and you will not see it once you fit it on, as u can see in the picture, but as this...
  9. pegliobaglio

    turbo elbow

    Looking into an aftermarket turbo elbow,any recommendations as have heard some can crack etc
  10. D


    Hi guys just a quick hello. I'm Dan, live in the UK. Due to a slight unforeseen issue I've decided to sell my Astra VXR and buy an S15 instead. Thought I'd sign up on here and see what the crack is.
  11. subzero

    Quest on Rocker Stoppers ?

    just wondering , ive seen these for sale and lads talking bout installing these.... so whats the crack with em ?? bring the info brainiacs !!
  12. T

    wots the crack

    just thought id say hello, bought a standard spec r aero a year ago, being hangin round here for the here last few months and I must say this site has being a great help when it comes to fixing/modding bits nd bobs, will get few pics up anyho when get a chance
  13. B

    got a small crack in my mani

    i have a thin crack goin around 1 of the branches of my standard cast mani and i need a new 1, i tried ths performance (where i got my elbow and downpipe from) and they dont have an add to cart option at the bottom. so i tried drift works and they are out of stock so i tried autobahn88 and they...
  14. S


    Picked up my S just over a week ago. Amazing car but need to confirm something. Car currently has a HKS filter and exhaust. On idle, the boost gauge sits an -5. Pedal to the metal, best I get is .55. Is this right? If theres a crack in the WMIC pipes, is it better to replace the unit with an...
  15. M

    Cheap Silvia S15...

    Hey Guys, Just stumbled accross this place which has what seems to be pretty damn cheap Silvia's and everything else to be fair. What's the crack? How come so cheap?:eek: Cheers Monkey
  16. D

    Manifold and tubby elbow

    Well lads, I was watching these on ebay not that i need them just was curious to see what the would go for.. They started off at .99p and eventually sold for ?75.. Now in my opinion thats a complete steal. Once they would fit properly is the thing. I wouldn't personally use the the gaskets...