1. L

    Upgraded Clutch Master Cylinder VS Slave

    Hi All, I have upgraded my clutch on my 1999 S15 to an Exedy HD clutch and seeking some advice regarding improving the pedal feel. Do I: Upgrade the Clutch Master Cylinder, such as the GK Tech or Sikky option Wilwood master cylinder adapter to suit S/R chassis Nissans Nissan 240sx Clutch...
  2. JDM_virgin

    how much power can an SR20 block handle

    Exactly the question above however i dont mean on stock internals. My question that I cannot find the answer is how far can you push the block casting itself when you have fully forged internals, head bolts and all that stuff. For example the new focus RS the blocks start to crack at around...
  3. Unberivable

    spark plug broke and ceramic piece fell in my engine

    So, While doing a comp test the spark plug broke and a piece chipped off. the piece was about a 1/4 of a thumb nail i guess. Probably the spark plug chipped when we were putting the socket over it or something. We had to take the spark plug out because the rubber bit off the socket stuck to it...
  4. R

    6 cylinder Tachometer

    For those with 6 cylinder engines, ie. RB20, RB25, RB26, how did you get your tachometer to read accurately? I would like to keep the stock cluster verses having an aftermarket one. Thanks in advanced!
  5. I

    No ignition on Cylinder 4

    Hi, I rebuilt the SR20 of my S15 with a few upgrades, especially a nistune Type 4 board to remap it. I got no ignition au cylinder 4, the engine runs on 3 cylinders only... I swapped the coils, but the problem is still on cylinder 4. So, I plugged a digital oscilloscope to the ECU to check...
  6. Max

    FS: Apex Type 2, S15 intake mani, VVT, cylinder head, injectors, CAS

    All parts from an S15 Spec R, 98k miles ALL at 0.7 bar boost, unmodified and untracked/abused engine. £30 Electric fan, fan controller not included £50 S15 cylinder head, with std cams rocker arms etc, no VVT kit or rocker cover £20 S15 AFM, working fine £20 Air-con system £25 Intake...
  7. NICKO

    WTB: Brake pipe from master to ABS unit

    Im after the part number for nissan or a second hand jobby as mine appears to be crushed at the master cylinder end that was most probably done when the engine was removed :( the brakes work fine but it needs replacing really. here is a picture link to show you guys what im after, its the top...
  8. Max

    Spec R Cylinder head

    Will be doing a VE head swap on my car soon, so will be shifting some parts. Is a standard S15 Spec R cylinder head any use to anyone? for example people doing a Spec S to Spec R conversion? I have promised the rocker cover to a new home but will also have splitfires to move on as they...
  9. ichi-go

    Nismo Coppermix Clutch

    Hey guys, I've just got my nismo single plate coppermix clutch put in last month together with nismo big operating cylinder and nismo braided clutch line Normal driving is ok however on high revs, it's harder to get into gear Mechanic reckons the nismo big operating cylinder causes...
  10. adzsy

    WTB: Clutch Master Cylinder S15

    As above, I bought one for an s14 but it is too short.
  11. dave_t

    S15 Slave Cylinder

    Well last night i jumped in the S15 to go to work. Pressed the clutch pedal down, and went to engage first gear. It wouldn't let me. With the pedal depressed fully, it would not disengage the clutch.not wanting to be late to work, i took the A3 TDI daily :down: All night worrying about what...
  12. adz87kc

    Top dead centre?

    Hello :) I'm hoping one of my fellow boost brothers can help me out here... I read that before i take off the cylinder head (car is a JDM spec R) that you need to set the engine so that cylinder 1 is at TDC. I ***think*** i've got mines set ok but would like someone or a few of you to confirm...
  13. adzsy

    WTB: S14 or S15 Clutch Master cylinder

    I need an S14 or S15 Clutch Master cylinder complete with all fixing i.e nuts, pins, p-clips etc etc. thanks
  14. S

    WTB: Cylinder head or valves & rockers

    Just wondering if anybody has a spare cylinder head or valves & rockers for sale as I managed to kill mine on christmas eve :(
  15. fadli256

    S14 clutch master cylinder in S15

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know if an S14 clutch master cylinder would fit in my s15. Had it rebuilt with a repair kit, was fine for a few months and now its failing again. Thanks!!
  16. T

    WTB: Nismo uprated clutch slave cylinder

    Wanted as per title. Cheers Alan
  17. G

    Will a R33 GTR Master Brake cylinder fit in an S15?

    Can anybody tell me the next question: Will a R33 GTR Master Brake cylinder fit in an S15? And is this a good upgrade? Thanks!
  18. A

    Help me out guys

    I need to know if the sr20de cylinder head as the same as sr20det cylinder head? My friend wants to buy the cylinder head from my s15 spec-s to put in his S14a. Will it works?
  19. E

    s15 slave cylinder

    Hey guys, I bought a six speed gearbox to convert my auto s15 but it needs a new slave cylinder and it has been almost impossible to find one at the right price. Would I be able to substitute another nissan slave cylinder? E.g. from s14?
  20. adz87kc

    Hand brake light always on

    Got the first problem with my silvia :nod: Today I fitted new discs, pads, lines and callipers to the front of my car. I also took apart rear callipers greased and cleaned them and bled all four corner with new fluid. Everything seems to work fine -front and rear- and the hand brake isn't...