1. sushiming

    Apexi Power FC

    hey guys iam looking to get a power fc soon as i have a frd going to japan so he will get it for me but i need to know which one is the right one to get as i know there is a standard one or the D-JETRO does anyone know the difference between these two?? can anyone help me on this please thanks...
  2. sushiming

    how much faster is the S15 compared to S14?

    hey guy was just thinking how much faster is the S15 really compared to the S15 I know its about 50bhp but on the road will it see a big difference???
  3. P

    Trouble wiring in shift light.

    Okay guys, I need some help wiring in a shift light. It has three wires, power, earth and Tacho signal. The power and earth are in and working fine but can't get a signal through the last wire. They all lead into a small circuit that has a microswitch. When you get to the limit you want the...