1. 1

    S15 vs RX7 - NO HATE Please

    Hey guys, I haven’t properly introduced myself even though I’ve been part of this forum for a few months now. What I want to cover today may be a “stupid” topic. I have owned my S15 for nearly a year and a half now. It is a Spec R in a completely stock condition minus the stainless steel turbo...
  2. R

    Difference between 1999 and 2002 model?

    Hey guys, I haven't found anything about this topic so i wanted to know if there is any difference between a 1999 and a 2002 model. Sometimes manufacturers change things for a facelift model like headlights. Thanks and have a nice day ;)
  3. FreakensNL

    S14 catback

    Will this fit? I know the tips of normal s14 cat-backs are 4 cm longer at tge tip bit fit perfectly at all rubbers But is there a clearance difference anywhere? Would love this twin tip sticking out the back and the extra cm's will look awesome...
  4. SlidewayzS15

    HID S15 head lights discussion

    Anyone know what the difference between the Halogen and HID version of the S15 headlight? I keep looking at different images of both and I cannot tell the difference, I'm sure the projector is probably different but can anyone confirm this? Can you still get HID headlights new through Nissan...
  5. S

    difference between stock and nismo clocks

    As above and value of each if anyone can help
  6. Jaydej

    Orc 409 who has?

    Hey who's using Orc 409 clutch? And what one did you pick, there is a choice of like 5 also what's the difference between with damper and not damper? (What is this damper?)
  7. M

    WTB: Steering arm

    Looking for a complete steering arm. Drivers side if it makes any difference.
  8. C

    Few newbie quiestons on specs and importing :)

    Hey Folks, So start of next year, I'm looking (If all goes to plan money wise) to import an S15 Spec R. Got a couple questions if people wouldn't mind answering them for me. Body works. I know about the Aero but not 100% sure what the difference is. The first two photos on the Japfest Photo...
  9. Burnsy


    hi guys looking to change my coolant on the next service, what coolant do you guys use? whats the best? is there any difference in what you should use for a jap spec car? cheeers
  10. S

    FS: Stock S15 parts, shocks and rear lights with a difference

    Hay all, I've made some changes to the car so the stock parts need to go! First up is the stock rear lights, the difference is the body coloured surround. The car is said to be a V-package so it might come as part of that but either way it's a nice touch. £90 2nd is a set of stock suspension...
  11. B

    Nismo LSD clunking noises??

    Hi I've got a nismo LSD in my car not sure if its a 1.5 way or 2 way, it's makes no sound when cold but after driving for a short period I notice a big difference especially when turning tight slow corners, is this normal, it has quite a lot of wheel skipping when manouvering it about once...
  12. J0R04N

    Stock boost gauge accuracy????

    I have recently been setting up my boost controller and noticed the massive difference to what the boost controller says and what my boost gauge says :annoyed:. The EVC and the boost gauge both run off the same boost line so in scientific terms the test is equal. However there seems to be a...
  13. C

    What year is best/worst?

    Hi all, New to the forum and looking for a bit of pre-import advice. In my intro thread I said I'm looking for a 2002 model, but gazing the web I notice there aren't that many. Is there a better year of S15 to go for say 99 or 2000 instead of 01/02? Or is there no real difference in spec...
  14. JaseYpk

    FAO Meddler (HID headlight differences)

    I've just had a look over the HID headlight today and the inner 'eye' piece if you want to call it that, where the HID bulb sits, is EXACTLY the same as the non-HID variant. same colour, same metal, same everything. the only difference is the mounting bracket on the rear where obviously the...
  15. K

    differences on S15 subframe

    is there a difference at all between S15 turbo rear subframe and S15 non turbo rear subframe? im guessing theres no difference, but thats just a guess. i need to know, im planning on using it on my S13 and i found a non turbo one.
  16. A

    WTB: Spec R Badge for Driver's Side

    Looking for an *oem* Spec R badge for the driver's side (if there is any difference). Used or new! Please P'm! Thanks, Paul.
  17. specr

    wheel bearings

    hi lads any one know is there a difference between s14 and s15 wheel bearings thanks
  18. S

    Not running right after putting engine back in

    Hi, I have been experiencing a problem with the running of my car after taking the engine out over the winter. I took the engine out for the bay to be painted and to tidy everything up as it was out, however since refitting the engine it hasn't ran like it used to. When I first went to start it...
  19. C

    WTB: S15 helical or 2-way diff - What have you got??

    As above in need of a new diff so considering upgrading to a 2-way for the small price difference but all considered?? Thanks, Dan
  20. Curryzz

    Will I notice any difference once my intercooler is fitted?

    Just wondering if I will actually feel any difference once my front mount is on, I'm on the understanding I need it mapped for the car to be running properly but everybody says a front mount is a great upgrade so will it increase bhp or feel quicker with just fitting it? Just wondering:)