1. T

    s14 - s15 Heads

    Is there any difference between these, and or the internals in them? Many thanks one and all!
  2. crazymat666

    climate control and fuel

    hey ino the AC uses fuel but does climate control?ive had it switched off for tonight and noticed the difference in fuel consumption is it just in my head though??
  3. B

    fuel consumption

    My freind has an s15 spec R and says that it does about 500+km on a tank of fuel. My 180sx type x on the other hand does only 300-350km on a tank. Even though they both have an SR20DET engine The s15 has a 65lt tank and the 180 has a 60lt tank so not much size difference but the s15 get alot...
  4. LuPix_S15

    HKS Silent Hi-Power Info...

    For those that are interested, I was getting fed up of the silencing box on my HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust between the backbox and decat catching on speed bumps and was also keen to see if it's removal will produce a more aggressive sound... Dropped her into local Powerflow dealer yesterday...
  5. spoonman

    Oilfilters, does a good one make any difference

    Does anyone here use a top quality oil filters? Is there any difference really between a top quality one and the normal one? I noticed this one here for sale on the link below and was wondering if its worth it. http://www.cockramnissan.co.nz/shop-online/nismo/nismo.htm
  6. Topper

    Weird boost issue

    Had my car and boost settings setup by Jez ( ), I managed to damage the wire from my Solenoid to the main unit in the car, this caused my boost to run at around stock (slightly less - 0.7bar) from the 1+bar it had been. I got a replacement wire, made no difference. I then replaced the...
  7. S

    Nismo engine mount

    Are they same as factory mount in terms of the look even the part number? or is there any visual difference apart from the stiffness? Like part number engraved etc...
  8. Topper

    Boost Issue

    Guys, Looking for a bit of input: I fitted a new rad a while ago and tried to tap into the cable from my Profec B controller to solenoid, but i knackered the wire. Since then the car has boosted slowely to around 0.7bar. I changed the wire, which made no difference, so i tried another...
  9. S

    C's and other short shifters

    What makes them difference? From photos, they look pretty identical...
  10. L

    Part no.11331-89f00 5spd or 6spd ?

    I got a gearbox crossmember here, I'm not sure if they are any difference between 5 speed gearbox crossmember and 6 speed one. Or are they the same? The one I have is 11331-89f00.
  11. Y

    Engine Remap?? (whats it all about)

    What I wondering is about getting an engine remap. I have my car about 2months now and when I bought it the guy told me that its putting out 290bhp and showed me a rolling road print out for it, now thing is that the print out is a bit suspect. Where it should have the registration on it, it...
  12. H

    s15 info

    i'm looking to import an s15 and was wondering if there is any difference in the different models handling and chassis wise
  13. Big Ned

    Blow-off valve fttings

    Hi there, I've got a question for people with more experience than me. Is there any real difference between the fitting kit from Apex performance for the HKS SSQV and the one supplied by HKS? Thanks
  14. jp

    Is this a Silvia (Jap) or 200SX (OZ)?

  15. S

    front reg plate removed...

    just wonderin if anyone else noticed the massive difference i did yesterday, after drivin round with fmic fitted and reg plate on the car felt faster than obviously without fmic but when i took reg plate off the difference was amazing the boost increased by just under .1 of a bar all from just...
  16. D

    Turbo question

    Just wondering whats the difference between the two turbos available... I really like a s15 right now, but its a 2000 model...not a 1999 I believe the ball bearing turbo is in the 99? whats the difference between them and the model years following the 99's? 2000, 2001 etc
  17. P

    thanks S15OC ;)

    dunno if anyone else remembers that thread about cleaning the front lights to remove the foggyness if you will and make them clear again, well I finnaly tried today and wow! what a difference! car looks WAY better!!!! thanks for the tips! i think it warranted a thread as it made me think my car...
  18. M

    Roll Cage

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting a cage for my Spec S when I start modding it. Does anyone know how much difference there is inside to an S14, or somewhere I can get a reasonably priced cage for the 15? Cheers:thumbs: Mitch.
  19. R


    Not an S15 owner.....yet. Been thinking about getting a 14a for a while til I stumbled across an S15 on ebay about 6 months back and straight away fell in love with them. Am planning on getting one this time next year and have started saving. I currently own an almera gti (i know, FWD and no...
  20. S

    Tein Mono Flex vs Old ver?

    Any fellow silvia owners out there have done any research comparing Tein Flex (old ver) compared to their new ver Tein mono flex? i have tried reading the tein website and the main difference is a micro valve? which supposedly helps with when you set it to a softer setting it will still feel...