1. Saxon

    Front/Rear Brake Discs

    Just wanted to check before I did any ordering, but are S14 brake discs the same as S15 brake discs? I know most things are shared with the S14 but I can’t remember if the brakes are something that was changed with the generation change. Thanks!
  2. T

    Custom brake set-up

    So, over the years, my car has had a few brake packages. I started off with stock calipers and discs, then upgraded to z32 aluminium calipers with the Apex 310mm bell and rotor kit, and then up until today was running r33 GTR Brembos with GTR discs. Unfortunately the R33 GTR calipers i was...
  3. L

    Reputable parts supplier.

    Hello everyone, Can anyone point me in the right direction please. My s15 is in the garage having some work done and I need to purchase some parts. My question is who do I go to? I used to go to driftworks for most of my stuff but they only do suspension and wheels now so I need to find a good...
  4. L

    Front brake discs?

    Are there any aftermarket front discs out there that are better than o.e.m discs? My front discs need replacing now and wouldn't mind getting the best discs I can without upgrading anything else....Cheers.
  5. K

    FS: Brembo g35 skyline brakes, 6 speed 350z gearbox

    As title. I have a complete brembo g35 skyline brake setup in Gold for sale included is front brembo calipers, discs with pads. (Pads and disc's have wear). Have a lot of life left in them. Rear brembo calipers, with disc's,pads (again wear) internal drum handbrake setup, handbrake...
  6. I

    FS: Bigger EBC yellowstuff pads

    I have a set of bigger EBC yellowstuff pads to sell, to be used with 315/330/345 brake kits using nissan calipers, they have more than 50% life left in them. Pads were used with the 315mm discs and have a slight lip because they overhang the discs by 1mm or so. They have done 4 trackdays + 5...
  7. O

    Brake pads and disc's buying advice

    Hi Guys I need to change my brake pads and discs, just wondered where's a good place to get some decent ones from. I've got standard Spec R brake setup I only use mine as a daily so don't need a race spec. I saw the FAQ about brakes but the pads seems race orientated and no one mentions what...
  8. S

    FS: Skyline r33 gtst EBC uprated rear discs and yellow stuff pads

    For any of you that may be running R33 rear brake set up Brand new in box drilled and grooved rear discs rear yellow stuff pads £250 for the set
  9. S

    FS: EBC front discs and yellow stuff pads

    Brand new in box drilled and grooved stock replacement front discs and yellow stuff pads Pads in picture are for a 300zx TT but are the same for 200sx s14/s15 £250
  10. A

    Spec R brake discs

    Anyone know a good place to find Spec R brake discs, Im struggling. Theres some on ebay but..its ebay.
  11. Burnsy

    Another brake question!

    Another question for you lads. What brakes are these??? Whoever says Brembo gets a slap! Just wondering what they are from? Want to know because I need new discs and pads. What would be the 'matching rear calipers' Cheers
  12. tooley

    FS: Nissan silvia s15 / 200sx s14 front brake discs - Grooved - New

    Hi All, Was sorting through my box of bits and totally forgot it had these!! They were for my S15 but now i have Z32 upgrade and i never actually fitted them. There is some surface rust on the discs from condensation. It will clean off. I will give it a go myself with a wire brush. £40...
  13. Lai

    Where to buy brake discs and pads?

    As above Can anyone recommend where to order discs and pads? Don't really want to buy on ebay so any recommendations would be muchly appreciated Thanks, Lai
  14. vinnie

    FS: S15 Spec R front calipers, pads and discs

    Up for sale is a pair of front spec r calipers, all in good nic, pads have a a lot of meat and there Nissan OEM pads. Discs are fine. these will be a good upgrade for a spec s :nod: Will get some pics up once its sunny £50 including delivery
  15. B

    Spec R front calipers on a Spec S

    Well. I considering upgrading the front calipers on my Spec S to Spec R/Kings S14 twin piston calipers. Couple of questions I have about it: As far as I'm aware they are a direct bolt on job to a Spec S. Am I right in saying that? I know the pads are completely different but the only...
  16. ArTo

    WTB: WANTED: BRIDE or NISMO Floor Mats / Big Brake / VERTEX Boot Spoiler / SpecR Badges

    Hey guys, just looking for the parts above. BigBrake for front and rear, Front from 320mm discs and not the original calipers, Brembo and so on.. Regards Arthur
  17. pegliobaglio

    FS: Few bits

    Having a bit of a clear out as have way too many spare parts knocking about now. Prices are without shipping unless otherwise stated. Parts are also available for collection from Hemel Hempstead Spec r rear brakes with drilled discs and ferodo pads, only covered 2-3 k very good condition...
  18. S

    FS: R33 GTR 360mm brembo brake kit + other bits

    Right, selling on some parts as I don't need them now. 1) Big Brake kit, R33 GTR Brembo calipers, with 360mm discs whats included: Brembo Brake calipers, very good conditions, not sticking pistons etc Standard brake pads, pretty much new Range Rover sport discs BRAND NEW 360mm Brembo ones...
  19. Krish

    K sport discs

    My discs are buggered. I've got the old k sport 356mm set up. Phones around and best price is £400 odd. Any ideas for alternatives?
  20. dave_t

    K-Sport 330mm Discs Refinishing (Skimming)

    Since i fitted my K-Sport 330mm Brake kit iv'e had some vibration under light braking. plant your foot down hard and it doesn't seem to vibrate much at all, IF at all. Now in my experience, that could only mean the discs are warped. what other reason could it be :confused: Seeing as i'm not...