1. Jaydej


    Hey all, my car has recently developed a vibration when I'm in 5th or 6th cgear and slowly climbing between 60-80mph, recently I have fitting 330mm ksports and also new wheels with second hand tyres (my tyre shop said they wheela are fine and have balanced them twice) there is no vibration on...
  2. J

    Flywheel Question

    I purchased a SR20DET out of a S15 with a 6 speed from a company. It had a Dual disk Nismo Gmax clutch in it and im going to replace it with a new clutch that is not dual disk. The flywheel it was mounted to is super thick and I wasn't sure if that flywheel is specific to the Dual Disk or if...
  3. eiden88

    FS: OS Giken super single clutch kit

    Hi boys n girls, up for sale is my used but in good working condition os giken super single sd480 clutch kit it's the pressed steel pressure plate edition which is rated at 480+ hp Putting this up for sale as it's definitely an overkill for a daily driver with less than 280hp that never sees...
  4. J

    WTB: Wanted Sat nav disk for my s15

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the Sat nav disk for my s15. I have downloaded the file but am struggling to burn it. can someone copy there's and send me a copy as Kong as it works? I will pay for postage. I too want to see that I am in the sea! Lol
  5. S

    SSR Professors SP1 DISK TYPE

    hey guys, Anyone know if SSR Professors SP1 in normal disk will clear stock s15 brakes or should i go with Medium disk? Planning on ordering some 17" ssr and want to know if the NORMAL DISK will clear the front brakes cheers
  6. spoonman

    Stock Front Brake Disk for Spec R question about fitment

    Does anyone know how far the hat sticks out from the disk on the stock disk, By hat i mean the part where the wheel touches the disk and gets bolted on. As the current disks dont allow either of my wheels to fit without rubbing on the strut, the disks are 310mm which i think are from a R34GTT.
  7. S

    18" Works Meister S1 on S15

    Hey guys, I?m looking at purchasing a set of 18? 'Works Meister S1? rims for my ?99 S15 Silvia, however I am unsure as to what sizes/offsets would be best suited. I do not want to negatively compromise the handling and/or steering of the S15. Here is a pic for reference: According to S15...