1. E

    Where to buy pads?

    I'm struggling to find anywhere that sells pads and disks. Looking for some track gear really like a ferodo ds3000 or something up to a similar friction level. Also after some plain disks for cheap. Thanks in advance!
  2. Jaydej

    Gtr rear brembo vs standard

    Hey guys is there a big difference between the brembo's and standard calipers? My rear disk and pads are wearing thin so I'm debating my options I want to do the conversion it's the right thing to do but don't know if there is a massive different between the two. also are the disks the same size?
  3. Mezza

    Rear Disks

    Out of interest are S14 rear disks the same as S15? I'd imagine not but wondered just incase! Thanks :D
  4. S

    FS: Garage clearout......Everything must go.......

    Cleaning out the garage and need to sell off my spares to free up some space. All prices are excluding shipping. S15 Spec S (?) stock front brakes. Includes calipers, disks, pads (they will need replacing) and handbrake cables. Willing to split the lot, just pm me with what you want and an...
  5. S

    FS: S15 Front calipers, disks, pads and brake lines

    As above i have a set of 4 pot front calipers, disks, pads and lines off my S15. Only selling due to upgrading to a bigger wilwood kit. Comes with nearly new pads with looooads of life in them and grooved disks, again with plenty of life. unfortunatly the only pici currently have is this but...
  6. JaseYpk

    FS: OEM Brake disks & calipers (F & R)

    S15 Factory front & rear brake disks & calipers.. disks are less than a year old in good condition Calipers are missing retaining pins i think, so it'l be just the main lump inc pistons for sale.. £100 for the lot, if that seems unreasonable as i have no idea of their value.... make me an...
  7. spoonman

    Stock Front Brake Disk for Spec R question about fitment

    Does anyone know how far the hat sticks out from the disk on the stock disk, By hat i mean the part where the wheel touches the disk and gets bolted on. As the current disks dont allow either of my wheels to fit without rubbing on the strut, the disks are 310mm which i think are from a R34GTT.
  8. S15RKM

    Rear Disks

    Help!! My nearside rear disk has just started grinding and I can get pads from Nissan but where can I get some rear disks from quickly and for a good price. Are they the same as the S14a? Any help would be greatly accepted:)