1. A

    FS: Goodies

    Hey guys got a few bits that needs gone. All item are collected from West sussex full performance exhaust system 3" pipes and 5" tip. Bought it from knightracer few months back. £140 genuine chargespeed front bumper, litlemcrack by the headlight. Mega rare and genuine in white. £135 genuine...
  2. A

    WTB: Spec r rear spoiler

    Looking for one, can also swap without dmax bootlid spoiler with boot. thanks
  3. S

    WTB: Dmax rear fenders 50mm

    Hi i am looking for dmax 50mm rear fender ki any one got for sale do let me know. New or used doesn't matter. I have been waiting for epracing since last summer but they still didn't got. If any of friend is willing to sell his old 50mm dmax rear fenders plz pm me.
  4. H

    FS: DMax Spoiler

    DMax/duck tail bought this earlier this year, only offered up nt fitted although there is adhesive tape on underside. now not needed £75
  5. ArTo

    FS: DMAX Style Trunk Spoiler FRP

    Hey, for sale a brand new FRP Trunk Spoiler DMAX Style. 80 € + Shipping
  6. S

    Grams styling +80mm fenders for silvia s15 ? What are they actually?

    I was in search of dmax 50mm fenders but fortunately i saw these fenders on ebay with 80mm width and are much familier with dmax but on other pics it shows bn sports which is not required. I asked her him but not answered correctly. So if anyone has bought frim grams styling please share its...
  7. S

    FS: Dmax carbon bonnet, looking for standard bonnet in pewter grey with cash my way.

    As per the title. I'm looking to px my Dmax style carbon bonnet for a standard bonnet with cash my way. The standard bonnet will need to be in excellent condition and ideally in pewter grey. Follow the links for pictures... I can take more photos on request if you're serious about a deal...
  8. Havoc

    WTB: S15 parts

    Hi guys, Right I'm after the following... +50mm rear over fenders URAS front bumper Vented bonnet (DMAX, MI etc...) DMAX Or YASHIO tail lights 3" exhaust (cat back) " Instagram: @mrkerr @downsideapparel #downsidedrifters "
  9. S

    WTB: Wtb: oem spoiler and dmax roof spoiler

    Hi, as per title Looking for s15 oem spoiler.and dmax roof spoiler. Located in northampton if any for sale do let me know. Thanks.
  10. S

    WTB: Dmax 50mm rear fender and dmax roof spoiler.

    Hi as per title i am desperately searching for 50mm dmax fenders and dmax roof spoiler if any one is upto do let me know and any site in uk who's selling these other rhdjapan. Com and frsport and epracing. Japanese site sellingbit shipping so expensive...
  11. Surfing Boris

    DMAX 50/50 tail lights wiring

    So i bought myself some new DMAX tail lights thinking they would be straight forward plug and play but the connectors on the new lights are two separate parts and the OEM connector is a single piece. Hopefully that makes sense but how the hell do I murge the correct wires???
  12. B

    FS: c west front bumper, dmax rear lights, standard steering wheel, yoshio factory gear

    NISSAN SILVIA S15 C WEST FRONT BUMPER. was on the car when i bought it so believed to be a rep. painted in the original blue has a few stone chips and a small scrape but is still perfectly useable. asking £100. dmax rear lights. come with brand new indicator bulbs. ones has a small crack...
  13. Jay-pan

    FS: DMAX boot lip

  14. SlidewayzS15

    More tail light madness (Dmax tails LED)

    I'm still new to the S15 world but I had a question about your tail lights. It seems like my lights are wired to turn on when the key is turned to accessories, I've noticed that they turn on and was wondering if all yours were wired the same way? I'm having trouble with my Dmax LED tail...
  15. G

    50/50 lights

    Hi guys, anyone know the best website to get a set of dmax 50/50 lights? thanks
  16. T

    WTB: Dmax style 50/50

    Hey guys i'm looking for dmax style clear rear lights, no fancy led i don't like the led look thanks
  17. N80Jamie

    Dmax LED rear light issues

    Nothing is ever easy.. I know these units are supposed to be plug and play however, my car had a different set of led rears on (yashio) and the connections are different. I've put some pictures below of the loom only car, the back of my old lights and the back of the dmax ones. I'm useless with...

    Sought after parts ?

    I'm in a position where I can get some parts shipped over from japan. I'm looking to get a powerFC with hand controller and some new takata's. Just wondering what else might be good. Might get a couple of DMAX 50/50s too ?
  19. N80Jamie

    FS: Yoshio LED Rear Lights SWAP for DMAX Rear's

    As per title, is anyone interested in a swap? Both lights are in fully working order with no cracks etc.
  20. C

    WTB: wanted dmax roof spoiler

    as the tittle will take a copied one once its a good fit