1. D

    WTB: Looking for S15 chassis

    Hey guys! I live America and really want a S15 for my drift build/show car. Does anyone have a S15 doesn’t matter the condition, doesn’t have to be turbo or stick. Stick would be preferred but once again not a big deal. It’s just the chassis I need to get started. Only thing I ask is no extreme...
  2. D

    WTB: WANTED!! s15 spec R got £8000

    Hi guys, looking at getting my first s15 😃 just seeing what's out there for £8000 don't want nothing rough or drift spec, clean as possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Lil SpecR

    My S15 birthday cake lol

    My birthday yesterday and I was 30, im also too tight to buy a cake from a proper cake maker (I'd rather spend the amount on a tank of fuel hehe) so I made this cake lol, bit Tokyo Drift inspired lmao ;)
  4. E

    Hi from Birmingham

    Hi all I'm Emmanuel I recently bought a s15 relatively fresh to UK soil only being imported last December. It's really clean and pretty stock apart from the wheels and nismo suspension. I plan to improve braking abit, see how she handles on the nismo suspension and get abit more power out of it...
  5. S

    FS: FS: HobbyKing Mission-D 1/10 Scale Drift Car (Yokomo DRB Clone)

    Hey everyone. I had a lot of plans for this car, but it's been sitting a while and not sure when I'll get the time to fully devote to RC drifting. As the title states, I'm looking to sell my Mission-D drift car. It's a clone of the Yokomo DRB, and I was planning on slowly upgrading it with...
  6. R

    Rota Force Drift Fitment

    Got a problem, I'm trying to work out what size wheels I need to purchase that will fit my arches and not rub the coilovers. I'm looking at Rota Force Drift and have been advised that 18x9 ET35 should fit fine and still have that concaved look (concaved is important) But I have seen another...
  7. R

    WTB: Wanted: Rota force drift 18"

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some Rota force Drift 18" alloys, The more concave the better. preferably with good tyres, I bought some...but because of the offset they dont fit properly, meaning my car is now driving like a 4x4 to stop any fouling. Idiot that I am. Any colours welcome
  8. tooley

    S Body Alignment Thread

    Thought we should start an alignment thread. All be it for Daily to Drift to Racing etc. Thought it would be good to see what people have used / tried. Drift Alignments Measurements are in degrees' and minutes" (not . of a degree!) For example - 1'30" is ONE DEGREE AND 30 MINUTES, NOT one...
  9. S

    casual gray dredge S15 from Mother Russia

    Greetings from the center of Siberia! We have vodka, drift and GOCHA! And how are you doing? :cool:
  10. CMR

    FS: Full prop shaft and driveshafts

    Got these left over, might as well go to someone as no use to me now. Out of my 1999 Spec R with 6 speed Both have done 60k, great condition. Full prop £80 posted Drift shafts £50 posted
  11. P

    Diff help!

    Hi guys, ive done a bit of searching but cant seem to get a good answer. I have a Spec s that now has DET... Now im pretty sure all Spec s came with an open diff. which when i jack the car up it acts like an open diff. But on the road it will easily hold a drift in 2nd gear making me think...
  12. K

    My ongoing money pit s15 :D

    Hi guys, I thought I should put up a build thread of my s15 that I've owned for 2 and a half years now which started life as a non turbo spec s. After a long time saving and multiple viewings of s15's which were either very tatty for the money or already had rust coming through I thought id...
  13. K

    WTB: z32 afm and sr20 rocker stoppers

    Hi guys and girls, I'm looking for a good working z32 afm with pigtail and a filter if possible.. also looking for some sr20 rocker stoppers cheers kev
  14. K

    WTB: s15/14 handbrake plastic cover

    Hi, I'm looking for a s15 handbrake plastic cover as mine has tore in two... Cheers kev
  15. S

    FS: Wide arch Drift spec S15 Competition ready. Full cage ex-BDC

    Hi, I’m selling my ex-BDC S15. I bought it with the intention of learning how to drift, and realised that I simply don’t have the time to put into learning drifting to get good! Such an amazing car needs a more talented owner. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD 1999 nissan s15 spec R 99,000 mixture of...
  16. S

    stance and drifting issues...

    hi i started this thread just to know the exact experience of any of the guys here in the holy world of drifting . i am actually trying to get 215/35r18 on 18x9 and thats much poke and stretch just to clear my fenders though im on big spacers. but can any one tell me that is it good for...
  17. Misiek_lbn

    Silvia S15 Spec S: project 300hp

    Hi everybody, I'am Michael, came to UK from Poland to be able to own Silvia :D Because we can't register RHD cars, so had to find new home for myself, but Australia was too far, so... here I am :wack: My story with Silvias started couple years ago when my friend bought nice zenki and showed me...
  18. Havoc

    WTB: Vented Bonnet / aero catches

    As above after a fibreglass vented Bonnet and or aero catches what you got? Catch My Drift?
  19. JDM_virgin

    FS: chrome rear lights

    good condition ideal as replacements or drift spares, £75 posted
  20. S

    S15 banzai feature June 2013

    Has anyone seen this? Wondered what people's opinions were, especially when I read it was the Mona Lisa from Tokyo Drift!! Makes me wanna wire tuck my bay so badly, possibly the best s15 I've seen.. Any thoughts? Bit disappointed with the air suspension.