1. Shawnhalu

    Geabox Conversion Help

    Hi all, I need help in gearbox conversion, Genuine Help i mean, I been reading for the conversion for quite sometime. but still stuck in a stage of choosing between Z32 (5spd), Z33 (6spd), S14 (5spd) I am driving a Nissan Silvia S15,daily street driving & randomly launching or drifting...
  2. Surfing Boris

    WTB: Any old 17 inch alloys for drifting.

    I am looking for a pair of 17 inch alloys to put on purely for drifting on. Can be as rough as a badgers arse as long as they can hold tyres on the rim. As cheap as possible if not free to a good home!!!!
  3. tooley

    FS: Custom Asfab Battery Holder (boot) and a good halfords battery

    Hey, Got to get a dry cell battery to mound in my cabin for this years drifting. So i no longer need this. Looking at £100 for the lot.
  4. D

    USED4.net - Drifting, Culture, Sports

    Hey guys, A few friends and me are running a blog about the evolving drifting scene, jdm cars, local meets and many more for round about 4 years now. There're are a few blog entries which got english subtitles but most of it is written in German. Anyway, if you wanna check out whats happening...
  5. S

    stance and drifting issues...

    hi i started this thread just to know the exact experience of any of the guys here in the holy world of drifting . i am actually trying to get 215/35r18 on 18x9 and thats much poke and stretch just to clear my fenders though im on big spacers. but can any one tell me that is it good for...
  6. S

    Hi from Melbourne :D

    Hi Guys, Just Registered on the forum today. Ive owner my Silvia for about a year and a half but seem to have joined every other forum except for the one that praises the S15 the most :/ lmao Anyway, my Silvia was originally an daily street car until I got fed up with the unwanted attention it...
  7. R

    [VIDEO] Drifting killed 1JZ engine - Silvia S15

    Hi everyone Just wanted to share this with you guys. Diego Higa, Brazil´s youngest drift pilot, on the DS Brasil Series championship, drifting inside a soccer stadium in Brazil. Unfortunately the rev limiter killed the 1JZ engine, not making possible for Diego to participate on the...
  8. R

    Mountain drifting with a S15 Silvia - 16 years old pilot

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share with you the latest drifting championship in Brazil. This mountain track was design for drifting events and it is awesome. This S15 Silvia has a Toyota 1JZ engine with a single Holset HX40 turbo and the pilot, Diego, is only 16 years old! There´s some nice tandem...
  9. Fasthands

    No i don't bloody drift!!!!

    Christ what is it with people I am just starting to stripdown my S15 ready for the epic clean up repaint and fit all my new parts. And even my neighbours who don't ever seem to leave the street ask me if I 'do that drifting lark' FFS NO! I half expect it from the folk at meets and stuff but my...
  10. spoonman

    Trike Drifting NZ

  11. L


    I currently have a nismo LSD and I am wanting to get a standard diff or at least one that doesn't kick and click when I go round corners. It is brilliant for drifting but for normal street driving it is very annoying. Does anybody know where I can get a new diff and any good ones in particular?
  12. sliding-r

    Cool Drifting Video Dmax Crew + Team Burst

  13. S15AK

    Korea RC Street Drifting

    Saw this on Speedhunters, looks cool. They have a few S15's running, even though they are only RC cars :cool:
  14. tooley

    Video of me and richy drifting

    take a look was a wicked day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc8xZjLBFj8
  15. E

    Living with a 2way

    Ello ello Im looking into a S15 that has a 2way already fitted, but as its my first RWD car, and it happens to be up around 320bhp @.9bar im slightly worried im gona do something nasty some morning on my way to college/work :down: Are they forgiving or do you have to be paying 100% attention...
  16. LuPix_S15

    Uprated Gearbox Mount?

    Folks, Thinking about upgrading stock gearbox mount with this Driftworks item: http://www.driftworks.com/catalog/products/poly-gearbox-mount.html Has anyone done this? The reviews look good and I'm starting to look into anything that'll help make the car feel tight when drifting :) I'm...
  17. kimi

    coordsport customer drift car

    Thought i'd share the pictures of one of our customer cars strawberry face silvia 14.5 :D Its been built by Urban Racing for the french drifting and also to use on show stands :cool:
  18. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: Club JDM @ JDM Allstars DRIFT SERIES Round 1

    JDM Allstars Manchester 17 - 18 April 2010 JDM Allstars is excited to enter it's third year season of events and we have lots of new things in store for the fans. For the first time Professional Drifting will be showcased in the Northwest with our BIGGEST custom built street course to date...
  19. E

    OEM tension rods part number??

    Hi.. may i know the parts number please? Coz my bushes is worn out.. :furious: or should i buy the aftermarket one?? Which one is better? I love the kazama rods but im not into drifting lol
  20. andeep

    Drifting wheels

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, but bit of a noob here. Anyway getting the car soon, and want to do a little bit of drifting in it -so just brushing up on knowledge and research. So looking for a set of new rims. I just want to get some cheapy ones for the moment, but what size...