1. D

    WTB: dual mass flywheel and clutch wanted

    I am looking for a dual mass flywheel, clutch and bolts for a S15 for converting my SR20 auto to a manual. Thanks Daniel
  2. S

    Clutch help again please. Urgent.

    Guys I need your help please. Car is standard apart from induction and turbo back. I've bought a new replacement exedy stage 1 clutch. Car is in the garage and found out the dual mass is in bad shape too and needs replacing. Can anyone point me to a replacement oem or aftermarket dual mass...
  3. J

    Flywheel Question

    I purchased a SR20DET out of a S15 with a 6 speed from a company. It had a Dual disk Nismo Gmax clutch in it and im going to replace it with a new clutch that is not dual disk. The flywheel it was mounted to is super thick and I wasn't sure if that flywheel is specific to the Dual Disk or if...
  4. D

    FS: S15 Spec-R Parts

    Parting out my S15, get at me if you are interested...Parts are going fast, so serious buyers only please. -SR20DET Blacktop engine stainless steel head gasket -GT2871R Turbo upgrade -Tomei 740cc injectors -Haltek fully programmable ECU (with software USB interface) -Upgraded exhaust manifold...
  5. CMR

    FS: Genuine HPI Dual Front Pipe S14 S15

    Genuine HPI Dual Front Pipe to fit PS13, S14 and S15 for sale; Very good condition, used for less than a 1000 miles. Genuine Japanese part, ideal for very low cars. Perfect welds and the runners do not overlap like the Japspeed copy part. Price: Sold Pictures:
  6. C

    Clutch advice needed (Spec R)

    Few weeks ago my S15's clutch went "slightly" slipping. Couldn't hold speed uphills anymore. Box still not out, bit problem with motivation and work etc. All bolts are off and shifter, but just need to pull it off. Should i keep stock dual mass flywheel (if not badly damaged) and try to find...
  7. S15_SAM

    Welding dual mass flywheel

    It's something I'm considering trying with a spare s15 dual mass flywheel I bought. Ive read abit about it being done on transits and toyota avensis's etc. but never On a Nissan or spec r, any body in aus etc ever heard of it being done successfully? I wouldnt weld it myself, a local...
  8. ali619

    Post a pic of your speedo

    Hey people, just have a quick query as all. Here in Northern Ireland we are blessed with being attached to the south of Ireland and because of that any cars on the road must have dual marked speedo's i.e. MPH and KPH. Now when I do get an S15 I will need to ensure that my car reads on both MPH...
  9. eiden88

    WTB: Standard 6speed dual mass flywheel

    As per title, looking for a s15 dual mass flywheel in good condition cheers
  10. R

    dual mass flywheel play...

    Been trying to find info on the tolerant amount of play on a s15 dual mass flywheel... Anyone know for sure? found this example below, but don't think its accurate. http://www.youtube.com/v/3vENIk8UXQs
  11. M

    S15 thermo fan write up

    Hey all, I've been recently designing a dual thermo fan (electric fan) setup for our S15s. It uses dual fans that can run in two different speeds, most of the time it will run in low speed mode so will help with current drain. My design also keeps the factory ECU control of the stock AC...
  12. Havoc

    Urgent! Dual mass flywheel skimming help!

    Hello! I'm getting my dual mass fly wheel skimmed and the guy doing it doesn't want to touch it untill he knows if it suppose to V tp the flat surface evenly from the centre and outer edge of the flywheel! Pr if its suppose p Be flat across the whole surface. Because in order for it to be flat...
  13. M

    dual exhaust

    Hi all, just wondering what you think about these exhaust and and see if you can show me one fitted in a s15. xs power n1 dual exhaust: Uploaded with ImageShack.us isis dual n1 exhaust: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Cheers! :thumbs: Regards!