1. JDM_virgin

    FS: Apex stainless steel intake

    bling up your engine bay with some stainless goodness. Brand new comes with the silicon connections and I will throw in four jubilee clips with the sale. Had this for ages just never got around to fit it and now I've deleted my dump valve its easier for me to block the rubber pipe than a...
  2. Lil SpecR

    Recommended dump valves...

    Hello :) Im just looking for which brands people here recommend for their S15s when it comes to replacing their dump valves... IVe seen Horsham developments crop up on here often (for good reasons lol!) and they do a kit - is this good? I see it prevents the suspected boost leak when over 1bar...
  3. JDM_virgin

    FS: 3" dump pipe and down pipe

    For sale is my 3" Toyo sports down pipe and dump pipe (turbo elbow) Stainless steel have covered less that 700 miles, TIG welding is immaculate. The down pipe sits flush with the floor pan so it will either need 'persuading' or you can do what i did and leave it which didn't cause any issues...
  4. JDM_virgin

    what nuts to use on dump pipe

    Morning guys and girls, here is a question for you. Was driving home last night and my exhaust began to blow so i assumed it would be a cracked manifold or part of the dump pipe, however upon inspection what i found was that all 5 (!) of the nuts i used to bolt my dump pipe to the turbo had...
  5. crazymat666

    dump valve noise and chatter :S

    so late last year i changed over all my clips on my boost pipes to slurry clips and it has made a dramatic change to how it drives. on idle it isnt as lumpy anymore and just seems smoother while driving.but i have noticed the dump valve dumps and it also chatters when changing gear or letting...
  6. crazymat666

    is there such place that make custom made silicone hoses??

    i have a dump valve fitted but the t-piece spout is 25mm which is standard size for all bore size t-pieces .but the dump valve is also 25mm and has split the t-piece even though i got around it it looks scruffy and the fact ino its like it bugs me.so does anyone know of any places on the...
  7. C

    FS: Forge recirculating dump valve - Piping only

    Samco 90 deg reducing elbow and length of clear pipe for use with forge recirculating dump valve. In a good 'used' condition. £20 delivered
  8. C

    FS: S15 dump valve with internal modification

    I have my original dump valve here. It has an internal modification - the small hole which causes boost leaks at higher boost levels has been blocked off. This all means you can run more boost on the stick valve/pipe work. £20 delivered
  9. M

    looking to push 400hp what mods would i need??

    hey guys I'm looking to push 400 - 450Hp out of my 2001 spec S... what mods would be needed?? the car is pretty much stock at the moment with a 3 inch exhaust and dump pipe but thats it.. I was looking at doing it all in one go as i really only want to take it off the road 1 time only.. any...
  10. J

    WTB: re-circ valve

    Hi guys im after a re-circ been told these a little better than a dump valve. For S15 Cheers
  11. spoonman

    Body heat shield, where dump pipe & front pipe are.

    I was looking into heat shielding the cars body where the dump pipe & front pipe are. As the factory ones are going to get replaced, most likely with stainless items, so alot of heat will be getting omitted. I dont want to use heat wrap as this just causes the pipes to crack and the stuff starts...
  12. Adam L

    Pussy Wagon

    I wouldn't usually do something like this but we were in tears with this car and not just at the slogan the owner proudly had on the keys. It's one of the old GT models but the thing is hanging. The dump valve was making some weird noises that resembled farting too, it's leaking power stearing...
  13. Fruitbooter

    Clue me up!

    Ok well today I decided to have a good look around my engine bay to see if there was an aftermarket BOV installed as I havent checked underneath the hot pipes etc and was just wondering really. Turns out that I dont and its only the oem one that is fitted...so my first question is this - 1...
  14. B

    Best Dump Style for S15?

    hi there i have a JDM s15 with standard turbo and 3" exhaust from the dump back. i am looking at picking up an aftermarket dump pipe but not sure what design to go, either the open 3" pipe or the split style that splits off the wastegate gasses. i have read a few debates for this so...
  15. L

    Blue S15 JDM

    Hello, Just purchased a blue 1999 Nissan Silvia Spec R. Not entirely sure on the specifics of the mods: TEIN adjustable suspension Blitz SBC Dump Pipe 3" Exhaust Quick shifter eXtreme clutch Slotted fronts
  16. hendo

    Removing STD Dump pipe

    Swapping my my stock dump/front pipe and cat this weekend for a full 3" dump and cat, was wondering if anyone had any tips for getting the dump off the back of the turbo?. Looks like it's gonna be prick of a job. Cheers in advance.
  17. crazymat666

    how to fit bov dump valve :S

    im looking into gettin a bov dump valve as i wanna sort the lag out between gear change :) my mate can fit it for me but are there any additional parts i need and how easy is it to fit? any pics would be appreciated :) cheers
  18. hendo

    Dumpking Dump pipe

    Anyone in Oz using a Dumpking Dump pipe? Thinking of getting one to go with the STD turbo and was looking to see if anyone has tried one or knows someone who has so I don't blow my dow.
  19. Curryzz

    Request for dump valve fitment pictues:)

    helloo, i need some insperation on what dump valve to get and how well they fit and where they fit, want to make it look nice and not just bodged on:thumbs:
  20. M

    oem dump valve mod????

    can anyone show me the link where you can modify the oem dump valve to stop it leaking at higher boost????cant seem to find it:annoyed: