1. A

    Urgent help pls!!!!!

    So the earth on the coil pack wire harness came off when I was trying to get to the bolt to undo it. I have a new harness to put in. Can someone please tell me where I can put the earth elsewhere? Can I use either of these? or the bracket on the firewall?
  2. F

    S15 speedo conversion

    I've cut the signal wire and wired the convertor in, where do people get there live feed and there earth from? Thanks
  3. NICKO

    WTB: battery earth lead

    Im looking for a replacement battery earth lead that goes from battery to the arch then to the intake manifold :nod:
  4. Parky

    Where is the earth for the horn?

    So my horn is intermittent at best. Press it and no sound most of the time, but then every now and again it gives a little bip after a few tries. I'm assuming a dodgy earth, so whereabouts is it? Or any other suggestions are welcome if anyone has come across this before. Kind of important as...
  5. Krish

    Earth issues

    Got the dreaded hum coming through the stereo and my HID flicker occasionally. Also one bulb doesn't always come back on after flicking to main beam. I Looked at the earth points can't see any corrosion etc. Seen those ground loop stabilisers but not too sure if it will help?
  6. Havoc

    FS: Electrical goodies for all you sparkys! (MCB/Consumer units/Isolators) etc...

    Hello. I have a lot of equipment left over from solar installations I no long require and would like to sell at great discount in bulk just to get rid of it, however if I have no real interest I will consider breaking up and selling stuff individualy. List as follows with shop prices...
  7. Fruitbooter

    Stereo geeks..a little help please (Micra ISO bad earth?)

    Okay went to fit my nice new Sony cd player the other day but couldnt get it to power up.. I purchased a Micra ISO adapter which fits into the sony one nice. wont power up...ive tried switching the red and yellow wire combinations as shown in the instruction manual but with no...
  8. Larsz

    Rear wiper keeps going?

    As titel says it, when driving all of the sudden the rear wiper comes on and wont go off. Sometimes it does go off, and 5 mins later it goes on again. :wack: Even when i use the switch to set it on and then off, it keeps going. When its on off, just randomly goes on and keeps going. Sometimes it...
  9. pegliobaglio

    earthing kit

    Hi guys,found this earlier been thinking bout stripping my earth connections and starting with new colour coded wiring,because some of my wires are quite short and seem to be tight with a bit of tension in them. The only other kits I found were double the price,was just...
  10. F

    Loose wire with plug on the end

    Ok I'm almost finished rebuilding my motor and last night spent over an hour getting the bolt on the back of the head in with the plate and the earth wire for the coils. My question is, what is the other wire for? which bolt on to the same place, it's short with a plug on the end but does not...
  11. A

    Instrument Dials Not Turning On?

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I should check if the instrument dials are not turning on (as in they don't light up when you flick the switch).... They were working previously, would it be something to do with the earth?? Thats a pic of the dials I'm talking about :D Boost...