1. S

    Recommended Brake Pads for fast road use

    Hi all, been trying to nail down the best brake pad options over the weekend. after a low-dust pad that doesn't really require warming up to be useful (like i hear the EBC yellowstuffs do) as i use my car daily for commuting too. greenstuffs appear to fit the bill but ive also come across a...
  2. JDM_virgin

    EBC yellow pads. confused@fcuk

    EBC website says that product code for s14/s15/r33/r34 sumitomo calipers is DP41200R however this shop: EBC YELLOWSTUFF FRONT PADS DP4775R FOR NISSAN SILVIA (S15) 2 99-2002 | eBay has these for sale- DP4775R and claims they are for an s15 fitment and the EBC site says they are for a 99 nissan...
  3. pegliobaglio

    Ebc fitting

    Just a quick question , when I fit my ebc I'm thinking about removing the standard solenoid completely, just wondered if this will cause any issues? I don't see it would but just wanted to double check first really. Thanks in advance :D
  4. T

    Plumbing in a gizzmo

    Anyone know the safe/ easist place to plumb in the pressure pipe that comes out of the control unit on a Gizzmo ebc. Noob question maybe but i know nowt about ebc. thanks in advance :thumbs:
  5. T

    Wiring help

    As anyone got pics of the best and easiest place to wire in pos and neg on a gizzmo ebc .Cause im crap with electrics and i dont want to blow anything.Thanks in advance :thumbs:
  6. C

    FS: HKS EVC 6 boost controller - brand new

    This is THE best boost controller money can buy IMO. It does everything and more than you will ever need from an EBC. Boost can be related to vehicle speed, RPM, gear, throttle position etc. More details can easily be found on the internet. Asking price is £430 - but if you can find it...
  7. C

    EBC fitting..

    When fitting an EBC do you have to remove or block up this sensor...? Also what is it/what does it do? I've removed the boost solenoid on the LH strut, but this is on the RH strut. :)
  8. S

    How do I know which is ACC wire?

    I hooked up my EBC to ACC with other gadgets. Funny thing is my EBC is still on even after I turn the car off but other devices are off. So wondering if I have to rewire to other ACC wire around under steering wheel. As you know there are gziiilions of wire there and wants to know how I can...
  9. I

    aftermarket replacement rotors - stock size

    Hey Guys I've searched through past threads but no one seems to recommend any specific brands for stock size aftermarket rotor replacement (front rotors). Any suggestions on brands? EBC, Brembo - has anyone tried these? I do some track work and my stock rotors have suffered from hair line...
  10. japmadlad

    Brake pads

    both front & rear pads are showing their age & are needing replaced soon. was just wondering wat pads wud be reccommended & were is best to get them? currently have EBC redstuff pads. Are the pads the same as S14A/S14 or any other cars ( eg skyline??? ) Thanks guys
  11. D


    i believe, my car is still overboosting. the defi' is peak warn at 1bar... and i sometimes see that flash when goin' for it. basically, i'm running just the actuator straight off the hotpipe. no EBC. I thought it could be a faulty standard actuator, so i've changed that, and now have a HKS...
  12. I

    New front brake pads - urgent !

    Ok - I'm off to Manfield Raceway on Friday (14 hour return trip!!!) for some spirited driving but I'm considering a pad change before the day. I believe my front pads are standard at the moment (S15 specR), and the rears have EBC Blacks. Any recommendations for the fronts? EBC Greens were on...
  13. Yakozan

    Boost problem.

    I went out and tried to setup the EBC yesterday and have some small problems with the boost. When I'm in 5-6th gear and floor it the car boost about 0.5Bar. This can be changed with the EBC though. Problem is that when the revs rise, so does the boost. It keeps doing it slowly to about 0.82Bar...