1. S

    FS: RB into S body conversion mounts

    I have a set of RB into S body engine and gearbox mounts for sale. I don't have any way of posting pics on here but can email them to anyone that is interested. £100 + postage
  2. Surfing Boris

    Club Event: Classic Car show 2017

    Guys, I have just been walking round the Classic Car Show and chatting to the TVR owners and mk4 supra owners club displaying here today. Got me thinking so went to the organisers office. Car clubs don't cost any thing to show for the weekend but it is a whole weekend commitment. I am looking...
  3. D

    WTB: S15

    Hi guys, New to the forum, I'm in the market for an s15, preferably pewter grey or white. Pm or email me details. Thank you.
  4. M

    Scammer on the forum

    Just been Pm'd by this member Spec R steering rack or just the shaft part Let me know via email if you still need the Spec R steering rack. Just googled the email and he's been scamming other forums.
  5. S15_SAM

    Loss of email notifications.

    Since the recent software change on the forums I have lost the email notification's to reply's on threads I've commented on. has anyone else had this too? Just trying to see if its just me, I've checked my profile choices and they are the same and its turned on!
  6. Nicely

    Hotmail accounts

    Just to let those concerned know, I will be changing the status of any accounts with Hotmail email addresses I receive bounce notices for to 'Awaiting Email Confirmation'. This means that you will be unable to post until you re-confirm your email address. This might give you the nudge you need...
  7. Fasthands

    FS: As promised the sad day is here!! Fasthands parts emporium opens it's doors..

    Please if you want a part TEXT me stating your real name and forum username, then that part/s you wish to buy/make an offer on, and your offer... If it's in text talk I will ignore you... If you want any more photos include your email in the TEXT MESSAGE, that way I can tally email addresses...
  8. shark79

    FS: Nismo s15 mats

    selling off my pre-owned (discontinued) nismo mats in good condition, AUD490 will need to check on postage Thank you will email pics
  9. M

    FS: Blue low mileage S15 £6995

    Right im posting this on behalf of a mate so this has all been copied from his thread on driftworks. If you have any questions just email vince on his email at the bottom. Hi all Hi all I have for sale a Nissan 200sx S15 I brought this with the intention of using it as a daily driver, with...
  10. K

    FS: FS - BMW 325i Msport E90 low miles, FSH £8000 or swap for specR

    BMW 325i 218bhp model, just hit 56,000 miles with full service history, MOT mid April 2013 Tax end of september 2012, genuine Msport model, only two owners from new, HPi clear, 6 speed manual, Msport suspension package, 18" mv3 sport wheels with good tyres all round, black grilles fitted but...
  11. Re-VolveR

    FS: Gtech fanatic precision RR

    Gtech fanatic precision RR new 200 GBP + 30 delivery to UK(exspress mail service) item location - Russia email: PM or facebook:
  12. Curryzz

    FS: Catalyst Converter and down pipe For Sale, Good Condition

    Hi, I have a Cat from my S15 I no longer need as I sold the car, it was removed from the car around 45k. I also have a standard down pipe for sale, also in good condition:) Cat £60.00 plus postage Down Pipe £25.00 postage For some pictures email me or PM me Email...
  13. JaseYpk

    FS: Z32 bmc (bmc57)

    I was recently looking for one of these, but have since changed my mind. But i got an email today from and they've got a few up for £85 including servo's Just thought this would be a useful hit for someone :) email -
  14. W

    FS: OEM Fog Lights

    Hi! I have a set of OEM Fog Lights to s15. I have them in sweden but can be sent... Give me a bid. email:
  15. EvilChap

    WTB: Standard - Not Aero bumper

    Anybody got one? I could do with borrowing one, only need it for about a week :) If you could email me to ben at that'd be ideal :D Cheers Ben
  16. M

    Rota Wheels

    pleased to offer my services to the forum and provide Rota Wheels to people Its hard to put up prices as they are so varied depending on wheel size, width, fitment, and with or without tyres so please send me a PM or email enquiries to i see a lot of people here using...
  17. S

    WTB: MAF

    Anyone have a Maf for an Sr20 s15. If not a s14 will do thanx Email me
  18. R

    FS: haltech e11v12 with pnp harness for s15 sr20det

    as above, haltech unit is 1 year old. harness is brand new. US$1800 shipped to anywhere. email me at rapturem3 [@] gmail [.] com thanks.
  19. R

    Hey everyone

    My names chris and im from Regal Auto Bulbs Ltd and was wondering if your members would be inerested in 10% off our range of car bulbs? If an admin can reply here or email me at Thanks
  20. Trial_S15

    Modified Car insurance Ireland

    I've been asked to stick this up here, I hope Admin don't mind?? All help would be much appreciated as I for one am properly annoyed to be spending €1,800 a year on insurance because I've chosen to declare all the mods on my Jap import :annoyed: (non turbo - 25, 4 years NCB & 2 points)